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  1. High SSD wear after a few days

    Hi, yes, I have figured this out. Since me posting here, the system is running in production non-stop. Never had any issues or any drives fail. I just ordered new SSD's to replace the Samsung 840 Pro's with Intel 3700. This is more a precaution, since the drives have been in full time operation...
  2. Everything greyed out. any reason why?

    Hi, thanks for your reply. After reading, I noticed that I posted in the wrong tread and this one is from 2015. I mend to post in this thread: Is is possible to move my message over, or should I just copy paste? Thx
  3. noVNC window has HTML format issues and does not work

    I forced the re-installation of proxmox-ve and the 3 separate packages you pointed out. The installation worked without a hiccup, but the noVNC still is not working. I am aware that 4.4 is EOL, but after upgrading my original 4.4 install to 5.3, I experienced the issues described in this...
  4. noVNC window has HTML format issues and does not work

    Yes I have. I also tried 3 different browser, result is the same.
  5. Everything greyed out. any reason why?

    Hi, I have the same issue as OP. Here is my experience, hope this can be resolved soon, because its highly frustrating. I was running proxmox 4.4, and wanted to update to version 5.3 (single node, no cluster). Doing an 'apt dist-upgrade' (and fixing some issues on the way), I ended up with...
  6. noVNC window has HTML format issues and does not work

    Anybody any idea on how to solve this? Its very annoying to not having the console working. Thanks.
  7. noVNC window has HTML format issues and does not work

    Hi, I have reinstalled proxmox4.4 (was on 5.3 but experienced the issues described here: 5.3 was a fresh install.). Everything is working fine on 4.4, but noVNC does not open properly. Please see attached picture. I installed...
  8. snapshot of rpool - backup

    Alright, figured it out ... zfs snapshot -r rpool@xyz will include all recursive folders as per Oracle documentation here:
  9. snapshot of rpool - backup

    Hi, I have proxmox 4.1 (initial install was 4.0) on a pair of SSD's in mirror using ZFS. I want to do a snapshot of rpool and than send/receive the snapshot for the purpose of backup. For reasons unknown (and I am by far no expert), I can create the snapshot (at least its listed) but...
  10. Cannot start KVM

    The syslog does not show. Is there a way for me to check, or to change the level of logging? I also have the issue, that the server reboots, without any notice or warning (maybe for another thread), but changing the level of logging to log more details, might help to find the ipcc problem and...
  11. Cannot start KVM

    That is correct, just one physical server and one pro mix install. No cluster at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Cannot start KVM

    After rebooting the node, the VM did start, however, the ipcc_send error will still come up.
  13. Cannot start KVM

    Hi, I still have the same error as before. Any ideas? The VM conf: root@VMNode01:/etc/pve/nodes/VMNode01/qemu-server# cat 100.conf #Main Server running Windows Small Business 2011 Std. # #Server has AD, DHCP, DNS roles. boot: cdn bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 2 hotplug: network,usb,disk ide2...
  14. Cannot start KVM

    No, it shows as "dead". I tried starting it, but it does not change. It will show as started on command line, but marks it as "inactive"
  15. Cannot start KVM

    Hi, I did update earlier, see my earlier post below. The update did not help.


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