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  1. Possible to obtain specific release of VE 6.1-7?

    Hello, everyone. I wish to add another node to a 4-node cluster. Unfortunately, the cluster is running 6.1-7, and the only ISO I can find on the website to download is 6.1-2.
  2. Joining Proxmox VE host to domain using realm join

    Very strange output, but I think there are some clues. The output of strace -f su pfaffmanadm is too long to include here, so I have attached it. Clues look like /etc/passwd and /etc/login.defs are set to read-only, perhaps blocking the service trying to create a new login for my AD user...
  3. Joining Proxmox VE host to domain using realm join

    Hi, Stoiko. Thanks for chiming in! That's the thing, nothing comes up if I tail system logs or view journalctl if I su or SSH into the host as a domain user.
  4. Joining Proxmox VE host to domain using realm join

    i have joined one of my proxmox cluster nodes to my active directory domain, with the intention of allowing a group of particular users in active directory to have sudo privileges in proxmox. was able to join the host to domain and can id users: root@prox01-node01:~# id pfaffmanadm...
  5. How to shrink raw disk image on Ceph RBD storage?

    Hi, wolfgang. Thanks for checking in. VM file system is ZFS. I now understand this is not shrinkable! But to answer your question, the VM disk stack is 1 scsi disk, default cache.
  6. How to shrink raw disk image on Ceph RBD storage?

    Hi, everyone. I've got a 4-node Proxmox cluster on 6.1-7 with Ceph. No problems so far with the cluster or my test VMs, except I would like to shrink the virtual disks a VM on RBD storage. I am new to Linux, but so far I understand shrinking an image means shrinking relevant partitions within...
  7. [SOLVED] ifupdown2 error

    Actually, I'm still a little confused by this issue. I am running PVE 6.1-7, and /etc/apt/sources.list reports the following 'buster' repositories: deb buster main contrib deb buster-updates main contrib deb...
  8. swap file?

    thank you, Richard. I appreciate it!
  9. swap file?

    hi, everyone. i have a vm.swappiness question. i've got a host with 96GB RAM and 16GB usb flash as proxmox os storage. an nfs share provides vm disk, backup and iso storage. 18 non-balloon guests utilizing about half of available RAM. swap partition is 1.7 GB in size, fully maxed out. it's...


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