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  1. mini proxmox build idea pfsense, pi hole, etc

    yes that's my thinking and as for truenas i might just go for a windows vm i can turn on if needed just with a link to my nas on the other server so in a pinch i could drag over some films and tv for the kids if i thought it would be down a while or even just store the iso files if i do...
  2. mini proxmox build idea pfsense, pi hole, etc

    its a guzzler its got 8 16 core cpus 512gb of ram and 12 3tb drives and im hardly using it i just thought it was good test bed with loads of over head and i got it for cheap. so what iv done so far is add and extra nic to the little i3 i got installed proxmox, of sense pihole and kemp. Running...
  3. mini proxmox build idea pfsense, pi hole, etc

    ok so i currently have a dell c6145 both nodes populated so 8 15 core AMD Opteron's with 256gig ram in each, Im running truenas witch is running plex and transmission Windows and ubuntu server for some testing pfsens and pihole Now this is all set up just for learning but its a a lot of...
  4. Multiple tasks one vm

    ill keep plodding on then way i am thanks for the reply.
  5. Multiple tasks one vm

    Ok Sooooo hers my question i know running vms for multiple services makes sense i.e true nas, ubuntu, windows server, pf sense and kemp (my current test bed) and so makes sense but say for instance in my ubuntu server im running my web services like transmission and sonarr is there any issue...
  6. pfsense passthrough identifying the right NIC

    ahhhhhh now see that i didnt think off because I seen people saying to make sure you check it but obviously if its on the built in card thats the reason i was literally about to buy another NIC bay ill try it now and let you know asap
  7. pfsense passthrough identifying the right NIC

    update iv tried both of these and both time i lost connection and reboot so now im totally confused
  8. Is there a way to disable the automatic start of VMs before proxmox boots?

    if you access it a the server with a screen and keypad log in and use qm list then nano /etc/pve/qemu-server/VMID.conf swapping vmid for the number of the device go down to booton change 1 to 0 on them all if your not sure and reboot Hope that helps i thin
  9. pfsense passthrough identifying the right NIC

    Hi all iv been learning as I go iv managed to get multiple vms running including load balancing all just for the sake of learning but iv finally hit a wall im a little scared to chance. If got my pfsense iso ready to go and im ready to pass through a Nic for the Wan but im scared if I pass the...
  10. DL385P Install and congif issues

    Thanks for the reply, after roughly 18 hours of messing about and trying different distorts i decided to try another usb stick with etcher, and boom straight up it went! still got the cpu error but its up and running i can belive it both usb drives where 32gig san disks one smaller usb 2 and one...
  11. DL385P Install and congif issues

    Hi all this is my first post so i hop iv put enough information here to get some help. Iv recently picked up A dl385p server dual AMD Opteron's with a total of 16 cores and 128gb ram Iv tried a few options to get proxmox installed with no joy. Rufus - server didnt boot Etcher - Server didnt...


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