xrdp on Proxmox Host or workaround


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Jun 25, 2019
Hi everyone,

Been scratching my head around this as I progress into finding ways of controlling lights on my Proxmox home server.

I found this nice piece of software from a very nice guy based on Asus Aura SDK:

Upon discussing with him, I discovered my main issue: the app is apparently only GUI-based, which to my understanding is a no-go for a Proxmox server-side app. From what I could find in the project files, it uses Linux QT?

The programmer suggested installing xrdp on the host as Proxmox is Debian-based, and use rdp on another windows/mac machine to control that.

I can do that, but I'm scared. Question is then, is this even possible? Would it potentially mess-up with any Proxmox vital configs or the web GUI that ships with Proxmox? And if it is, how would I go about it?

Or alternatively, is there a workaround to have this GUI-based app show up at all somewhere? Would bin apps auto-magically show up on the existing Proxmox webGUI by any chance? (I know, I'm dreaming...).

The app controls lights on RAM sticks of a particular brand as well as potentially LED strips. It needs access to SMBus (i2c-0) so it cannot be ran through a VM. Not very experienced with LXC containers myself, but could it be a workaround?

Obviously, I'd prefer something as lightweight as possible, so I can avoid wasting a lot of resources simply to make my RAM look nice! :)
Is what I asked a stupid thing? I'm really new to the whole proxmox infrastructure so if I could get even a "forget about Linux QT or xrdp" from anyone, at least I know I don't need to look any further. Thanks in advance!
You are going to have to install more than just xrdp. You will also need the qt libs and the x widow system libs and probably some kind of window manager. Pretty soon you have a full desktop setup. Which you can do, Proxmox is Debian underneath and so everything you need is in the repos. For sure that isn't a supported Proxmox configuration though.

If you have another Linux system or Cygwin on Windows set up (even in a VM) you could just install just the controller software and qt on the host then remote the display over SSH with X. That way all the desktop stuff is on the remote host. That's a lot less modification to your Proxmox system. Search for x tunneling over ssh.

Either way this forum is not the best place for help with such a non-standard setup.

Seems like a lot of software and hassle to have some blinkenlights, but it is your computer not mine.

ETA: If you go the remote X route and your remote is Windows, you might want to check out Moba-Xterm. It combines all the tools you will need for the Windows side.
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