1. L

    Sensors display - planned or not

    Is it somewhere in PVE roadmap to have in web gui displayed values of hardware sensors? More or less similar thing to what is in esxi - I'm not talking about creating second grafana... Currently I use lm-sensors package but having these readings in gui is much more handy. I've seen some...
  2. D

    Can I ditch PVEPROXY? I guess not...

    I was wondering if I can have the 8006 port GUI wiped from most of my nodes, so netstat said it's actually pveproxy listening there. Then documentation says it is one component also for API: From the configuration options I do not seem to be...
  3. N

    LXC/VM status unavailable in overview

    In my installation the status icon next to the VM/LXC at the overview to the left is often unavailable (a question mark) instead of showing running or stopped. What is strange is that is works from time to time. Also the live stats over RAM, CPU usage works. But the history is not recorded in...
  4. F

    custom pve script in gui?

    Hi There, I'm using Proxmox at home and gave a zfs as fs. Files are served to other computers via samba. Is there a way that we can have a section in the PVE where custom scripts are gathered and executed? I have for example a script, that set the uid/gid correct when it comes from a LXC. I...
  5. X

    PROXMOX Web Gui nicht erreichbar nach Update

    Hallo zusammen. Ich habe mitte letzte Woche meinen PROXMOX Server updaten wollen. Seit dem ist die Web Oberfläche über die IP nicht mehr erreichbar und ich müsste dringend wieder auf diese Zugriff bekommen. Ich bin das ganze Forum durchgegangen und habe selber einiges Probiert doch finde keine...
  6. X

    PROXMOX GUI not starting up after trying to Update

    I tried updating my PROXMOX 7.1 to 7.2 after switching to UniFi Network. Now, the GUI is not starting up anymore, but I can still access it via SSH. I attempted to further update it via SSH, but it only outputs the following error messages: "/etc/initramfs/post-update.d//proxmox-boot-sync: 10...
  7. M

    Description field in 'Mail Proxy' > 'Whitelist'

    It would be helpful to add an editable description field in the "Mail Proxy Whitelist" for easier identification of registered addresses.
  8. J

    How to hide multipathed iSCSI storage targets in GUI?

    I'm using LVM on top of multipath on top of iSCSI storage. my iSCSI storage has 8 iSCSI endpoints (each controller has 4 ethernet ports, and as I'm using MCS, each controller has 4 IP addresses to load-balance the traffic) can I somehow hide these iSCSI storage in Proxmox GUI? At the end, I...
  9. I

    [SOLVED] Bridge vmbr0 exist and work, but GUI doesn't recognize it

    I have a vmbr0 configured and working but it's not recognized in the Web GUI and I cannot add or modify VMs in there because the GUI doesn't let me do anything since it cannot find it. I can add or modify a VM manually editing configuration files in /etc/pve/qemu-server/ folder adding lines...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Login failed

    I am unable to log into the GUI this morning - where do I start troubleshooting? I am running v 7.3-2 proxmox-mailgateway-container: 7.3-2 (API: 7.3-7/4d06ead9, running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve) pmg-api: 7.3-7 pmg-gui: 3.3-2 clamav-daemon: 0.103.8+dfsg-0+deb11u1 ifupdown: 0.8.36+pve2...
  11. J

    [Suggestion] PVE separate fileds for ram general ram usage and zfs pool ram usage

    Hi all, When using zfs pool for primary storage in pve, it uses nearly total ram for ARC service... I cant predict how much ram left for me, separating ram usage from services that relative to zfs and VM ram usages can solve this problem Thanks
  12. V

    [SOLVED] Netzwerk nachträglich separieren

    Servus, jetzt hab ich wieder eine Frage ... Notgedrungen habe ich bisher mein kleines Drei-Node-Cluster plus pbs mit VMs, Storage und Corosync in ein und demselben Netzwerk betrieben. Die Latenz für Corosync ist ~1ms, also kein Problem, die Netzwerkauslastung hält sich in Grenzen. Dank einiger...
  13. M

    Can't use second node's GUI: SEC_ERROR_REUSED_ISSUER_AND_SERIAL

    Hey all, I'm doing some work for my boss. I'm an intern working with Proxmox and related systems, primarily. We've got a client with a two node cluster. One of the nodes' web GUI is busted. When accessed through the browser, it yields: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a...
  14. A

    Can't connect to Proxmox GUI with two Intel X550-T2 installed and set to auto start

    I had one Intel X550-T2 installed on my server and all VMs were running fine and I setup OPNSense and had it configured with the two ports from the X550 being LAN and the onboard ethernet being the WAN interface using bridges. However, for OPNSense to really replace my router, I needed more...
  15. C

    Snapshots failed for every VM "dataset already exists"

    Hi since 2 weeks i cant create any snapshots for any VM i created on my proxmox server. I dont know what to do because running the snapshot in GUI or CLI results in zfs error: cannot create snapshot 'SSD_ZFS/vm-<ANY_ID_HERE>-disk-0@<CHOOSE_ANY_SNAPSHOTNAME_HERE>': dataset already exists Even...
  16. P

    GUI way to verify the vma.zst backup images

    To verify backup images, I have to run this in the CLI zstdcat /var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-qemu-100-2023_05_02-21_36_38.vma.zst | vma verify -v - Would be very helpful if it can be from the GUI as well.
  17. T

    Proxmox Gui not accessible, even with 8006 allowed

    Hello, I tried to avoid another Post in this Forum where the Solution is probably stupid easy, but I was not able to figure the following problem out, for days. Server Setup: Proxmox runs on a dedicated server of Hetzner I have one static IPv4 + an extra IPv4/29 Subnet I access the proxmox host...
  18. E

    port 8006 doesn't open

    in my router the 8006 port is open but on open port check the port 8006 is seems close. in local I can see the webgui, but with my duckdns domain I can't. the firewall is open to allow connection at the 8006 port please some one can help me :)
  19. H

    For the Wishlist: Storage in GUI needs an R/W and IO Overview

    Hello Maybe something like that is planned or maybe not. In the Storage View of ZFS, LVM, ... you can see available Storage. But you can't see any Performance Stats of this particular Storage, like overall Read/Write Bandwidth or IO Bandwidth.. This would help to monitor Storage directly in...
  20. A

    SDN configuration for new cluster members

    Hi, it's a test-bed hence no criticality. I started experimenting with one server and I configured the SDN part. I then created the cluster and joined a second node. At the moment, if I connect to the GUI using the 1st node I see the SDN section of the Datacentre, if I connect using the GUI on...


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