1. PVE: REST API vs cmdline commands vs web-GUI

    Does the web-gui (6.2-11) produce some sort of "command log" for the (presumed?) commands it runs upon receiving a command from the web-based user? I'm a command-line oriented sysadmin, and I'd eventually like to be able to manage all things without the web gui, or at least using it minimally.
  2. can't connect to internet

    Hi, I really hope somebody can help me. I'm new to proxmox and after successfully testing my workloads on it, I moved some important projects to the server and suddenly proxmox decides to stop working and now i can't access my data nor do i know how to retrieve it. I really hope i don't have to...
  3. Tried to update ProxMox, reboot server, now hitting Grub Rescure

    Hi everyone, Like the title says, I was having issues after a failed update. Now when I try to boot I'm hitting a grub rescue prompt. I' trying to follow this guide:, however, I'm being shown this error when I try to mount root to the...
  4. Google Chrome browser support?

    Hi! I'm new to Proxmox, and my English is bad, sorry... I got my new Proxmox VE 6.2-4 installed and then it took me few hours to actually reach Web GUI. And when I finally reached GUI I was disappointed... Microsoft Edge? Really? I hope not, because it's very inconvenient. Am I doing something...
  5. Change defaults when creating a new VM

    Is there a way to change the defaults when creating a new VM with the GUI? For example we want to always enable 'Qemu Agent', or change the default 'graphical card' or 'Bios'.
  6. [SOLVED] setup ProxMox to redirect to correct port and https

    Hello, I am new on ProxMox and i like the software. But i can't find out how to setup that proxmox redirect from http://sub.domain.extension to Can anyone help me whit this? Regards,
  7. [SOLVED] Files Not Showing In GUI After Fresh Re-Install

    Title says it. I was running PMX 6.2.4 just fine, but had a HDD issue on the OS HDD. Replaced with a new one and a fresh install of PMX 6.2.4. I set all of my data drives back up. They show active, and the proper used/free space info, but zero files show up in the GUI. Files are there and...
  8. [SOLVED] Verbindungsfehler beim Proxmox Web GUI

    Hallo liebe Proxmox Community, Ich habe mir gerade einen Proxmox VE Server auf meinen Server installiert. Bis jetzt hat auch alles geklappt, aber nach der Anmeldung am Web GUI gerade eben, habe ich versucht den Server in der Ansicht als Knoten auszuwählen, um ein Paar Einstellungen zu machen...
  9. How to repair Proxmox without touching the pve-data lv?

    I lost the pveproxy webUI when I tried to install docker based upon someone's instructions for ProxmoxVE 5.x on the web and then did a "apt update && apt full-upgrade". I tried to reinstall the proxmox-ve package as if I was installing proxmox on Debian as per the official description but only...
  10. Install pve-manager for developer on my Debian

    hi, I using PROXMOX v6.1.2 and I tried to install pve-manager on my host, I got two problems. 1. First I tried to install it and it ask for libpve-guest-common-perl (>= 3.0-7~), so I change it in the file pve-manager/debian/control to libpve-guest-common-perl (>= 3.0-5~) 2. Now I got this...
  11. WebGUI nicht erreichbar

    Hallo, habe gerade Proxmox auf meinen 2. PC installiert, gestartet und nun steht da einloggen. Habe den Stick allerdings nach dem Reboot entfernt, hoffe nicht schlimm. Auf jeden Fall steht ja beim Login oben eine IP-Adresse, welche man im Webbrowser eingeben muss. Dies habe ich gemacht, aber...
  12. [SOLVED] Proxmox Node Summery does not show chats data (always blank)

    I have added 3 more nodes to the cluster, and the latest three nodes does not show updates on the CpuUsage or ServerLoad
  13. Request: PVE GUI - Server View

    In the PVE GUI there are different View's defined. Server View contains all Containers, VM's, Templates, Storages where there is also Storage View which contains the same hierarchical listing for Storages only. Would it be possible to remove the Storages from Server View as there is a explicit...
  14. mir

    Memory unit size in GUI

    Hi all, According to the GUI memory sizes should be in GiB (GibiBytes) but seems to actually be in GB (GigaBytes)? It is correct for disks (GiB as in GibiBytes) pve manager: 5.4-13 I have and example: /etc/pve/qemu-server/128.conf agent: 1 balloon: 2048 bootdisk: scsi0 cores: 2 cpu...
  15. XCP-ng 8.0 and Proxmox VE 6.1

    Proxmox Community I wondering what peoples thoughts are about these two Hypervisors? I am drawn to both because of their Open Source ethos and also for ability to enable the smaller people to utilize Virtualization technology. I initially tried Esxi and it's the most hear of hypervisor I have...
  16. [SOLVED] Update to, I think, 6.0.9 GUI not accesiable?!

    So earlier today I ran an update that was pending, I didn't pay that much attention but I do think I saw 6.0.9. The update went through as it should do - the server asked to be restarted so I did. The server went up and all the guests are up and running, but I cannot reach the GUI, I went to the...
  17. Remote Access IP issue

    Yesterday I enabled the port forwarding option in my router for the remote access of the Proxmox GUI interface. Everything was working I was able to access the server from my home but today I can not access the server using the same IP address after checking my port forwarding settings in the...
  18. Gaia

    Promox Mobile With 2FA

    I tried on three different current android browsers, but I cannot login when ?mobile=1 AND 2FA is enabled. the login fails before the 2FA input shows. anyone else experiencing this? the std interface is unusable on a phone.
  19. Cephfs storage not unmounted on removal?

    Hello, After adding and then removing a cephfs instance in the storage gui I noticed that it was not unmounted and/or deleted from /mnt/pve/[title]. I was wondering if this was intentional or not? Note: This was my 2nd cephfs storage instance in case that matters. I cannot remove my primary...
  20. No OSD showed in Gui

    Since PvE6 there is no OSD showed in the Gui when we have racks configured in Ceph. Is this an expected behavior? When I remove the rack I´ll see the OSDs in the Gui again.


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