[SOLVED] Windows Server 2022 - QEMU Guest Agent Exec (Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)


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Dec 5, 2019
Proxmox info:
- Version: 8.0.4 (pve-manager/8.0.4/d258a813cfa6b390)

VM info:
- Windows Server 2022 (Latest)
- QEMU GA enabled
- Machine: Default (i440fx) 8.0
- VirtIO Drivers: 0.1.240 (Latest)

After running sysprep for further cloning of Windows servers, the QEMU guest agent is unable to execute any command.

Windows 2022 Services:


Proxmox CLI:

qm guest exec <VM-ID> "netsh help"

Agent error: Guest agent command failed, error was 'Failed to execute child process (No such file or directory)'

Windows Shell:

All other qemu agent commands like "get-fsinfo", "info" works as expected. Agent ping also exits with code 0.

qm guest cmd <VM-ID> info
         "enabled" : true,                # as expected
         "name" : "guest-exec",
         "success-response" : true
         "enabled" : true,                # as expected
         "name" : "guest-exec-status",
         "success-response" : true

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem or do i miss something?
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I dont have a VM to try at this moment, but I suspect the issue is your quoting.
The man page states:
qm guest exec <vmid> [<extra-args>] [OPTIONS]

Executes the given command via the guest agent

<vmid>: <integer> (1 - N)
The (unique) ID of the VM.

<extra-args>: <array>
Extra arguments as array
You can also find an example here: https://pve.proxmox.com/pve-docs/api-viewer/#/nodes/{node}/qemu/{vmid}/agent/exec

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Thank you very, very much!

That was exactly the problem.

I already suggested earlier in this national topic to rename "command" to "commands" for the PVE 8 implementation to still support the command string implementation.

Proposal for PVE 8:

- command (singular) still as string implementation (internal translation into the new array structure if necessary).

- commands (plural) as array implementation [mark command as deprecated for PVE 9].


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