1. A

    [SOLVED] Proxmox vs Openstack (kvm) slow performance for Windows Server 2022

    Greetings community! What's wrong with Proxmox for Windows systems? Recently migrated some hosts from Windows server 2012r2 to 2022 and performance it's so bad. Best practices from Proxmox Wiki etc. applied ! Test Environment: Dell PowerEdge R620 CPU: E5-2667 v2 3.3Ghz Base RAM: DDR3 -...
  2. C

    Windows RDP connection stability issue

    Hi everyone: I am new to Proxmox and started to create Windows 11 VMs on my new Proxmox 8.2 installation. Most of the things are running fine except that the RDP connection to the virtualized Windows 11 instance is reset sporadically. Sometimes this happens 2-3 times per hour, sometimes it's...
  3. R

    TASK ERROR: timeout waiting on systemd

    Hi, dear, I recently faced a big problem in a Proxmox 8 cluster. It all started when a Windows VM wouldn't start and displayed the following error in the task log: TASK ERROR: timeout waiting on systemd In some research on Proxmox forums, some reported that restarting the host solved the...
  4. G

    balloon failed in windows server 2025

    Hi, everyone. I am using windows server 2025(like windows 11) as as VM in PVE. I installed virtio-win-gt-x64 and wirtio-win-guest-tools. But the balloon still dont work. I have 512G memory in host and set "16G min, 128G max and balloon on" to VM. The VM always use 128G after start. I type "info...
  5. I

    Windows VM Trimming

    Hey Guys, I have scoured through the forum to try and answer my question with no success... I have 3 PM nodes running windows VM's with the storage being ZFS backed, with thin provision enabled. I noticed the 1 ZFS array reporting 17TB used, but in the VM there's 20TB storage assigned, but...
  6. M

    What to do with my old ZFS zpool of Steam Games [Changing Old Windows PC into Proxmox]

    Hello, I am in the middle of trying out Proxmox for the first time. My old PC used to be Windows 10 which had 4 Hard Drives running as a Zpool, accessed by Windows. It was a pain to get ZFS to work for me using OpenZFSOnWindows, but it worked. The Zpool stored a large quantity of games from...
  7. D

    Problems with WS 2019

    Hi I am importing a vm from vmwre into proxmox, the import ends correctly but when I turn on the vm (windows) it goes directly to automatic windows repair and does not allow booting Maybe you know if something is missing or I'm omitting something?
  8. U

    Issue of Global connectivity of Windows using RDP

    I installed Proxmocx on one of my hardware and created 2 windows VM's using its web interface, now i want to make them available for global connectivity using RDP but i am not able to figureout IP/port with which i can connect that VM , any solution or tutorial for it ?
  9. S

    Windows VM memory shows up as DDR3

    I have installed Windows 11 on my Proxmox server (PVE version 8.1.4) and using q35 machine (version 8.1). I have DDR5 RAM installed on my physical machine. And the RAM sticks do show up as DDR5 on Proxmox host. I am also passing through Nvidia GPU to Windows VM which passes through perfectly...
  10. I

    VM full clone - vmhd korrupt?

    Hallo Zusammen Ich erstelle auf Proxmox ein Windows 11 Sysprep image. Danach erstelle ich ein Full Clone der Maschiene im ausgeschalteten Zustand. Beim starten der geklonten Maschine erhalte ich oft ein Bluescreen: DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG Dieser resultiert in den Sysprep logs zu folgendem: Error...
  11. M

    Passthrough issues with nvidia + XP VM

    Hi there, Running into an issue with a build I am setting up, specifically passing through a GPU through to a XP VM being used offline, for retro gaming. The GPU does get recognized correctly inside the VM, but fails to start with an Error code 10. I've gone through the forum and tried several...
  12. P


  13. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers and Performance of Windows on Proxmox - Continued

    Hello All, Here's another technote in the Windows on Proxmox series. In Part 4, we quantify and compare IOPS, bandwidth, and latency across all storage controllers and AIO modes under ideal conditions (i.e., "unloaded"), utilizing Windows 2022 running on Proxmox with iSCSI shared block storage...
  14. U

    MSSQL Instanzen frieren ein

    Hallo, wir haben mehrere MSSQL-Instanzen, die sporadisch und nicht reproduzierbar immer mal wieder einfrieren. Per VNC kann dann noch die Maus bewegt werden. - Die Serverzeit bleibt stehen - Kein Login (STRG+ALT+ENT) möglich - Keine Logs in der VM werden geschrieben - Egal ob lokaler ZFS oder...
  15. S

    Guest disk cache policy

    I'm testing disk performance in Windows and after reading the Windows best practices and performance tweaks articles, I didn't find much said about how disk cache setting inside the guest relates to the vm settings in Proxmox. If running a production workload inside the vm it feels wise to set...
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Problem ram allocation on VM

    I've all win machine on my istance affected by memory allocation issue. I read a lot of post/page but I can't found a root cause of this issue. This machine is configured with and from console I see this status inside of win machine I can see that all ram it used by Driver Locked (Balloon...
  17. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Storage Controller Efficiency Data for Bandwidth-Constrained Workloads on Shared iSCSI Storage

    Greetings everyone, Good news! We've managed to carve out some time to compile the latest data set for our ongoing exploration of Windows 2022 server on Proxmox. Part 3: Computational Efficiency of Storage Controller Configurations under Constrained Bandwidth Workloads Expanding upon the...
  18. B

    Can't reboot on my Windows

    I have installed proxmox on my usb driver After the installation, i went to my bios to choose my windows on my boot order to be able to go back and try my proxmox But when i try to go to my windows boot, i have a big blue screen with "boot option restoration" and when i dont touch anything, the...
  19. bbgeek17

    [TUTORIAL] Deep dive into Storage Controllers, Compatibility, and Efficiency Metrics with Windows on Proxmox

    Hey everyone, Given the recent developments with VMware/Broadcom, we've noticed a surge in inquiries related to running Windows on Proxmox. To assist those transitioning away from VMware, we've thoroughly examined Windows Server 2022 storage controller compatibility, native driver support...
  20. A

    [TUTORIAL] Windows VM Performance and Softlocking in Nintendo Switch Emulation - fixed with +invtsc

    This is an issue that I've actually already solved, but because it took me so much time and effort to isolate the cause, I wanted to document the problem in a few places so that if anyone else experiences a similar issue it can hopefully save them a lot of stress. Among other things, my Proxmox...


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