Windows 11 drivers issue in proxmox


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Oct 9, 2023

I successfully installed win 11 pro in vm of proxmox. Issue I face is driver.. Even video driver is basic video driver.. Audio also missing. So is wifi as I have msi B550 vdh board.

I tried the latest virtio iso image and ran all in it x64 etc. Scanned for driver online and also in iso. All runs but no change to drivers of pc.

How to get the fully drivers ready win 11?
Just a quick heads-up: you've jumped in the deep end.
So, what you are currently looking at is the virtual devices that are presented to Windows. These are generic, so the Virtual machine does not see the real hardware.
What you will want to learn about, is passthrough.

The idea with that is you could pass through devices from the real machine to the virtual machine; I do this with Bluetooth on a virtual, for example, as it allows me to use a Bluetooth speaker. In your case, you probably want to pass through the real audio device, WiFi, and the real graphics card.

There are a lot of people who have in-depth experience with this; mine is pretty minimal on that front, as I tend to run everything virtual. However, I hope this gives you some pointers.
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I agree and already wrote in one of his other threads:
Yes, that is not how virtualization works. A VM can't see/use any of the real physical hardware of that computer. All it can work with is virtual hardware unless you make use of PCI passthrough. So you will have to work with virtual hardware or use passthrough. But when passing through hardware into a VM both the host and all other VMs wont be able to use that hardware anymore.
Without passthrough a VM won't be able to use your GPU, soundcard, disks, usb devices and so on.

There are some drivers that should be installed like the virtio NIC and disk drivers but without passthrough there will be no physical GPU, soundcard or wifi interface windowa could use.
I don't see how this could help, except you installed Win using IDE and want to use SCSI.

Looks like you are just expecting too much and not really understanding the virtualization principles. A Windows VM will not be the same as running Windows bare metal where it could make use of all of the computers hardware.
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I had the same problem. And I have an answer that helps: Select the VirtIO-GPU in your VM hardware setup and you can select the resolution you want.
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