[SOLVED] Webui unreachable after adding nvme drive


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Mar 7, 2021
I just went through this issue and thought I should share. This seems more like a motherboard issue than a proxmox/networking one but I'm pretty inexperienced w/ linux.

TL/DR: adding second nvme drive to server caused the network interface names to change by +1 each making the webui unreachable - fix by changing the names in /etc/network/interfaces and restarting the network service.

I have 2 nvme drives that were purchased at different times. One already in operation w/ the system and the other to be installed. When the second nvme drive was installed the webui would be unreachable. Did not matter in which order the nvme drives were placed, it would still mess up.

Viewed my network interfaces:
$ nano /etc/network/interfaces

took note that the two interface names were enp39s0 and enp45s0 and the vmbro0 was pointing to enp45s0
then ran these two commands to view interface status:
$ ip -br -c link show
$ ip -br -c addr show

When these were ran, it showed the interface names as enp40s0 and enp46s0.
I then went back to /etc/network/interfaces and modified the file w/ the new info; so enp39s0 and enp45s0 and the vmbro0 pointing to enp45s0 --> enp40s0 and enp46s0 and the vmbro0 pointing to enp46s0 now

I then flushed the ip info on all interfaces and then restarted the networking service:
$ ip addr flush enp40s0
$ ip addr flush enp46s0
$ ip addr flush vmbr0
$ systemctl restart networking

This let me to be able to reach the webui once again.

This happened on my asrock x570 creator, I'm assuming some funky chipset stuff is going on as I'm fairly certain the first nvme slot goes to the cpu and the second goes to chipset.

Anywho hope this helps someone out.

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Stoiko Ivanov

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May 2, 2018
Thanks for sharing your experience and the solution you found! This will certainly help others who also run into this issue!

The issue (sadly) happens quite often - some mainboards do change the pci-device enumeration, which then causes the described interaction with predicatble network interface names:

Please mark the thread as 'SOLVED' for better visibility.


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