unable to parse volume filename


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Oct 12, 2019
I'm trying to restore a backup from previous proxmox installation but it fails with the following error:

root@proxmox:~/vms/dump# qmrestore vzdump-qemu-101-2019_09_17-22_02_36.vma.lzo 101
restore vma archive: lzop -d -c /root/vms/dump/vzdump-qemu-101-2019_09_17-22_02_36.vma.lzo | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp62580.fifo - /var/tmp/vzdumptmp62580
CFG: size: 936 name: qemu-server.conf
DEV: dev_id=1 size: 161061273600 devname: drive-scsi0
CTIME: Tue Sep 17 22:02:40 2019
no lock found trying to remove 'create' lock
command 'set -o pipefail && lzop -d -c /root/vms/dump/vzdump-qemu-101-2019_09_17-22_02_36.vma.lzo | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp62580.fifo - /var/tmp/vzdumptmp62580' failed: unable to parse volume filename 'vm-101-cloudinit'

Storage Conf:

dir: local-lvm
path /var/lib/vz
content iso,backup,vztmpl

zfspool: local-zfs
pool rpool/data
content images,rootdir
sparse 1

zfspool: hddpool
pool hddpool
content rootdir,images
nodes proxmox
Having this issue on 6.3-2.

Unable to restore any VMs that have a cloud-init drive. Which is actually pretty problematic...

restore vma archive: zstd -q -d -c /mnt/pve/backups/dump/vzdump-qemu-1002-2020_12_04-08_20_28.vma.zst | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp28748.fifo - /var/tmp/vzdumptmp28748
CFG: size: 601 name: qemu-server.conf
DEV: dev_id=1 size: 34359738368 devname: drive-scsi0
CTIME: Fri Dec 4 08:20:29 2020
no lock found trying to remove 'create' lock
TASK ERROR: command 'set -o pipefail && zstd -q -d -c /mnt/pve/backups/dump/vzdump-qemu-1002-2020_12_04-08_20_28.vma.zst | vma extract -v -r /var/tmp/vzdumptmp28748.fifo - /var/tmp/vzdumptmp28748' failed: error during cfs-locked 'storage-data' operation: unable to parse volume filename 'vm-1001-cloudinit'


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