Think i lost all my DATA...


Nov 6, 2019
i am also new at Proxmox and virtualization generally.
I have a home PC with Proxmox installed on a SSD Samsung 860 500G.
Also a VM with PfSense(ID:100) and one with Ubuntu(ID:101) Desktop edition for general downloading and as Samba Server.
The host drive is new, the previews one died and i had to install everything from ground zero.
I have also 5 HDDs with my files that i have all my buisness and life in.
Those drives was mounted on Ubuntu VM so i can share them.I had all my data in,mounted and checked after install all good.
But after the installation of vmware tools(open-vm-tools, open-vm-tools-desktop) the Ubuntu enchoutered an internal error and couldn't boot-up.
Thought easy desesion, i can remove the vm and start it all over but after the restart of the pve all the drives seems to be empty.
Is there a was to get my files?
Also there is an message that i get from the Proxmox every now and then and i am not sure the reference of it.
Thank you very much.


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Proxmox VE only erase images with the naming convention of vm-<vmid>-disk-<NO>
So if you have attached the disk directly to the VM they will not be erased by Proxmox VE.
From the Log, it looks like you got a problem with a disk. So the LV information can't be 100% trusted.
Try do check all SATA cable and the disks.

But after the installation of vmware tools(open-vm-tools, open-vm-tools-desktop)
Proxmox has nothing to do with VMWare, so these tools does not work.
What this tool does I don't know or if they can harm the infrastructure.
I think i found a way to restore the data.
ReclaiMe File Recovery is doing deep scanning and it shows my files :D
I haven't tried to claim them yet but i think that it would be easy from here on.
I am not sure what caused that problem( the disks to be shown as full wipped ).
For the second problem( error screen ) i will buy new sata cables to be sure.
I will keep you updated and if all goes well, i will mark this thread as "Solved"
After all this time i found out what was the problem.
For the first part (disks), vmware tools messed up with the file format of the drives and i had to deep scan the drives to take the data back.
For the second part of the problem, i changed cables, checked the drives and all was fine, the problem was the motherboard.
So i replaced the hardware and now setup everything from the start.
Now it seems that everything works good.
Thank you very much for the support.


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