Thin-LVM nach reboot verschwunden

Jul 12, 2019
Ich habe das Problem, dass nach einem Reboot des Proxmox Clusters, das komplette Thin-LVM des 3. Nodes verschwunden ist. Auf Node 1 & 2 sind die Thin-LVM unter /dev/ ersichtlich, bei Node 3 existiert lvm-p03 nicht mehr. Gemäss storage.cfg sollte lvm-p03 jedoch existieren.
Kennt jemand eine Lösung?
Danke für die Hilfe.

was sagt denn das journal von diesem boot? was sagt "vgs" und "lvs"?

Dies ist der Output von lvm fullreport

Fmt VG UUID VG Attr VPerms Extendable Exported Partial AllocPol Clustered VSize VFree SYS ID System ID LockType VLockArgs Ext #Ext Free MaxLV MaxPV #PV #PV Missing #LV #SN Seq VG Tags VProfile #VMda #VMdaUse VMdaFree VMdaSize #VMdaCps
lvm2 o0KWfd-256g-GrT6-bFVR-cpiw-2joM-HSwcq3 lvm-p03 wz--n- writeable extendable normal 1.82t 19.58g 4.00m 476931 5013 0 0 1 0 2 0 75 1 1 507.00k 1020.00k unmanaged
Fmt PV UUID DevSize PV Maj Min PMdaFree PMdaSize PExtVsn 1st PE PSize PFree Used Attr Allocatable Exported Missing PE Alloc PV Tags #PMda #PMdaUse BA Start BA Size PInUse Duplicate
lvm2 bzE9SM-zGwj-z9vv-KvUN-PRIu-hdgU-VqC5i5 1.82t /dev/sdb1 8 17 507.00k 1020.00k 2 1.00m 1.82t 19.58g 1.80t a-- allocatable 476931 471918 1 1 0 0 used
LV UUID LV LV Path DMPath Parent Attr Layout Role InitImgSyn ImgSynced Merging Converting AllocPol AllocLock FixMin MergeFailed SnapInvalid SkipAct WhenFull Active ActLocal ActRemote ActExcl Maj Min Rahead LSize MSize #Seg Origin Origin UUID OSize Ancestors FAncestors Descendants FDescendants Data% Snap% Meta% Cpy%Sync Cpy%Sync Mismatches SyncAction WBehind MinSync MaxSync Move Move UUID Convert Convert UUID Log Log UUID Data Data UUID Meta Meta UUID Pool Pool UUID LV Tags LProfile LLockArgs CTime RTime Host Modules Historical KMaj KMin KRahead LPerms Suspended LiveTable InactiveTable DevOpen CacheTotalBlocks CacheUsedBlocks CacheDirtyBlocks CacheReadHits CacheReadMisses CacheWriteHits CacheWriteMisses KCacheSettings KCachePolicy Health KDiscards CheckNeeded
dDbNSj-sPCa-r0nO-vj82-ENA9-URom-7XZwty lvm-p03 lvm-p03/lvm-p03 /dev/mapper/lvm--p03-lvm--p03 twi---tz-- thin,pool private inherit unknown unknown queue -1 -1 auto 1.80t 116.00m 1 [lvm-p03_tdata] 2QYqyU-lOGl-d9l2-9arM-XiC1-KImB-YqYj4P [lvm-p03_tmeta] fWeky1-Zi0T-vnJY-sKGb-ZOQO-jdVM-iKmJtl 2019-05-08 10:08:43 +0200 AUD-Proxmox03 thin-pool -1 -1 -1 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
ITqAhl-FLd0-rO1Z-CXqs-eb4v-Bw91-6d0uxn vm-108-disk-0 lvm-p03/vm-108-disk-0 /dev/lvm-p03/vm-108-disk-0 /dev/mapper/lvm--p03-vm--108--disk--0 Vwi---tz-- thin,sparse public inherit unknown unknown -1 -1 auto 32.00g 1 lvm-p03 dDbNSj-sPCa-r0nO-vj82-ENA9-URom-7XZwty 2019-07-08 10:42:09 +0200 AUD-Proxmox03 thin,thin-pool -1 -1 -1 unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
0 471860 bzE9SM-zGwj-z9vv-KvUN-PRIu-hdgU-VqC5i5 2QYqyU-lOGl-d9l2-9arM-XiC1-KImB-YqYj4P
471860 29 bzE9SM-zGwj-z9vv-KvUN-PRIu-hdgU-VqC5i5 fWeky1-Zi0T-vnJY-sKGb-ZOQO-jdVM-iKmJtl
471889 29 bzE9SM-zGwj-z9vv-KvUN-PRIu-hdgU-VqC5i5 fBxMfn-Q4xU-BAHU-tqeo-56Nf-iTdr-e0FX2n
471918 5013 bzE9SM-zGwj-z9vv-KvUN-PRIu-hdgU-VqC5i5
Type #Str Stripe Region Chunk #Thins Discards CacheMode Zero TransId ThId Start Start SSize SSize Seg Tags PE Ranges LE Ranges Metadata LE Ranges Devices Metadata Devs Monitor CachePolicy CacheSettings LV UUID
thin 0 0 0 0 passdown zero 31 5 0 0 32.00g 8192 ITqAhl-FLd0-rO1Z-CXqs-eb4v-Bw91-6d0uxn
thin-pool 1 0 0 1.00m 1 passdown zero 35 0 0 1.80t 471860 lvm-p03_tdata:0-471859 [lvm-p03_tdata]:0-471859 lvm-p03_tdata(0) dDbNSj-sPCa-r0nO-vj82-ENA9-URom-7XZwty


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