[SOLVED] Strange samba-performance with 7.4 VE


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May 15, 2023
I'm running 7.4 VE in Intel NUC 13 Pro i7 with 2.5G network.
I have a TrueNAS VM with VirtIO NIC and use this as file-server with samba. Since I got some strange results I installed samba also on host itself to do some test's and results are surprising.

Network is basic home-network, 10G main switch with 10G to workroom Switch, WLAN and Unraid. Main switch is connected to GW with 1G and internet-connection is 1000/500Mb. Proxmox is in 10Gb workroom-switch and is confirmed to be connected as 2.5G. Laptop Windows 11 and is WIFI6-connected to said WLAN.

Some samba-speeds to start with:

Laptop to VM smb ~20MiB/s
Laptop to Proxmox-host smb ~20MiB/s
Unraid to Proxmox-host smb ~225MiB/s
Unraid to VM smb ~220MiB/s
Laptop to Unraid smb ~180MiB/s

And some iperf3's:

iperf3 Laptop to VM 1.26 Gbits/sec (WiFi)
iperf3 Laptop to proxmox-host 1.28 Gbits/sec (WiFi)
iperf3 Laptop to Unraid 1.22 Gbits/sec (WiFi)
iperf3 Unraid to proxmox-host 2.4 Gbits/sec
iperf3 Unraid to VM 2.3 Gbits/sec

As we can see there's nothing wrong with speed itself between units, it's only samba from laptop to proxmox host and VM that is the issue. This itself is strange since samba from laptop to unraid is absolutely fine and will saturate WLAN. Also samba itself is ok in proxmox host and VM since unraid to these will saturate the NUC's connection.

I confirmed with smbstatus in all samba's that both laptop and unraid is connecting with same samba 3_11, I tried to force it to smb2 but that did not help.

Any ideas are welcome? What info would you need?
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Ok, This is now clear, culprit in this case is the Intel I225-V NIC in NUC 13 Pro. I confirmed this by replacing it with three different USB 1Gb NIC's, all has iPerf3 and samba-transfers at max speeds.

Case solved. BTW Kernel 6.2 does help a bit not fully so I'll leave the 1Gb in for now.
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