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Aug 13, 2022
I have a proxmox host with two built in 10G network cards.
It is a new install so it isn't doing much, I have a Linux Ubuntu VM and a TrueNAS, netiher in production.

I started to test performance on my TrueNAS and noticed it was really slow. 29MB/s on my primary nic (1G), where as testing the storage gets 400-600MB/s depending on read/write. I added the 2nd nic to the VM that is connected to one other machine via 10G and I get the exact same speed.

I tried iperf3 and seeing the same exact speed (29MB/s) on both nics. I tried changing to E1000 and multiqueue 4 and neither has changed anything.

My linux vm is getting 110MB/s on the 1G link and about 300Mb/s on the 10G link. The 1G link is ideal the 10G is still quite a bit lower than it should be but much better than they 29Mb/s I'm getting in the TrueNas Core (Freebsd).

After rebooting, and dedicating the 2nd nic to the TrueNAS VM, both NICs are performing better. The shared nic is now seeing the same 111MB/s as the Ubuntu VM, the dedicated NIC is reaching 400-500MB/s, still almost half speed, but way better than the 29MB/s I was seeing before.
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VirtIO with multique should be faster than e1000

curious if you tried truenas scale?
VirtIO with multique should be faster than e1000

curious if you tried truenas scale?
I have not tried scale, since I won't be doing VMs or anything but file sharing protocols, Scale would just be slower. I just posted an update, I rebooted the instance and dedicated the 2nd nic and seeing improvements, but I don't think it was related to that (maybe just the reboot) as the shared nic is seeing normal speeds now 110MB/s for 1G, but the 10G link is still running half speed but way faster than before.


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