Single NIC + Mikrotik VM (CHR) + VMs routing help :(


Mar 30, 2019
Hi all! me again.

I've been working for around 1 week trying to use Proxmox over ESXi but this is giving me way too many headaches. Still, I think this time the issue is not Proxmox, but my lack of networking knowledge. Anyways, this is what I'd like to archieve:


Basically, my server provider only gives me a single NIC with two IPs using MAC binding. I have suceeded in allowing both IPs to answer me at the same time by attaching them to Proxmox using linux bridges. With a 3rd bridge (LAN), I connect the WAN bridge and LAN bridge to the Mikrotik VM and off it goes.

What I'd like to archieve is, to use one single IP for Proxmox (sorry, they don't provide VPN, so I guess fail2ban will do) and another IP for just traffic between the Mikrotik VM and the outside world (if it can be done with a single IP - awesome!).

Then, when traffic comes from ports 80, 443, etc. redirect this to a webserver VM I have in there (of course, I'll have other VMs, but this example can help me to work with more VMs in the future). I like the choice of Mikrotik CHR over pfSense or others because it seems to be easier to manage, but I'm having a router problem where the Mikrotik VM can ping itself, the proxmox host, but no internet, no, nada.

I've been fighting with this for about two days straight and I'm tired as heck. So, let's assume I start with a virgin environment. What would I need to do to archieve my goal? as in: How would my /etc/network/interfaces file should look? Also, what should I do inside Mikrotik so it can communicate with the internet? just plugging vmbr0 to it and hoping it connects doesn't work, I feel like I'm missing something, but honestly I'm really blunt and can't see it. My network knowledge isn't great when it comes to routing, submasks, masquerades, VLANs, all of that stuff confuses me. The simpler it can be done, the better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can even send some beers your way or something, but please, help me!

Thanks in advance.
You cand do what you want, but I suggest to use a dedicated Mikrotik device(cheap) and not CHR (who has some restrictions ). I say this because I have 2 Mikrotik certifications. If you want details send me a mail using my proxmox mail details.


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