Server build for small office

Hi I was thinking of building a small server for the office based on the new Ryzen processors (after they fixed the linux issue)
Something like this,

Ryzen 3900x
64GB ECC Ram
Asrock Rack X470D4U
Intel 905P drive as cache/slog
3x 10TB WD Red in RAID-Z2

I will be running a few VM's on them of which the heaviest would be a server with MSSQL and a server running Oracle 11G. (with about 12 users on them)

My question is on the disk layout, running this on ZFS would this be fast enough?
Jun 1, 2019
Moscow, Russia
Would a three-way mirror make more sense then RaidZ2 speed wise?
You can find a quick summary about RAID levels here:
In a nutshell, you need at least 4 drives for RaidZ2 and going with RaidZ1 on 10TB drives seems like a recipe for disaster.
You can either go with:
  • 2 drives in Raid0 for speed purposes, while keeping backups on the 3rd drive
  • 2 drives in Raid1 for redundancy purposes, while keeping backups on the 3rd drive
  • getting a 4th drive and setting up Raid10
As for Intel 905P drive - i doubt you'll have significant gains with a ZIL/SLOG cache. I'd rather use it for running a db server(s) off it and actually benefit from high IOPS and low latency.


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