Seeing all quarantined messages as admin


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Mar 29, 2019
Is there a way in 5.2 to see all quarantined spam messages as admin user?

It's not the most effective way for admin to view quarantine by going through all users one by one ...

Thank you.

The question is, why do want to see all without choosing a mailbox.

The basic idea of the quarantine is that end users can check their quarantine by themself, reducing the workload of the admin.
Unfortunately, the world is a bit more complicated. Not meaning to be disrespectful but in some organizations, users are simply dumb and not wanting to conform to new things. It would be completely over their heads to login to spam console and check if there is some ham in there. That's why I need this option. To quickly check quarantined mail messages every morning ...
There are technical reasons why displaying all messages are not possible. So I do not see a big chance that the current implementation will change.

You can also disable the quarantine and just mark the emails as SPAM, e.b. by changing the subject.

Or you disable sending SPAM to end users completely and send these user blocked emails via BCC to your admin mailbox (for review).
Same as mine. I understand your point. Almost 99% of users are ignored and never want to receive notice about Quarantine messages and check what message is HAM or SPAM, White/Blacklisting by themselves everyday. Many questions will come to Admin after they read the daily report. Result to Admin have to answer the question AND also have to check HAM and SPAM messages for such users. Give more work to Admin. :p

This might help?

Use Mail Filter Rules > Select SPAM Level you want to receive its copy > Add Action "Notify Admin" to Action Objects
Then you will receive all that SPAM Level and over to you by e-mail.
Don't forget to change your Admin E-Mail on Configuration page (create a new mailbox for this situation is a good idea if you have much SPAM to your network)
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Don't really understand this quarantine thing. Why not tagging the mails and let the users sort spam to spam folder. You then can fetch such mail and train bayes via sa-learn to get better. Once you're fine, use my milter setup to reject such messages with high spam score.


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