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    So I got a new server for my Docker Plex environment, a beefy dual Xeon Dell Precision. I thought I would run a virtual lab environment on the same hardware so I installed Proxmox but I am struggling coming from more of a vmware background. I really like Plex on Docker for its community and ease of use so I thought I would continue to use it with my new server. So I installed Proxmox and then installed Docker and Rancher and migrated my docker containers now I am trying to get the interfaces file working correctly and its fighting me every step of the way.
    This machine has onboard dual 1GB nics and also I installed a intel 4 port 1GB nic card I had laying around, so 6x ports total. Its all plugged into a switch (Netgear GS748TP) that supports 802.3ad.
    My existing network is a simple and I am use to only having one subnet and I am fine with that, in fact everything is set to expect my plex docker at, but I can easily change that...
    So here is my problem, I cant configure this interfaces file so that I get networking to the guest VMs and LXC containers but then the hypervisor and docker containers cant reach my network. Here is an example of my interfaces file with that issue:
    Alternatively, I have discovered if I change my interfaces file to this I have full internet and network access to the hypervisor and the docker containers but not the Proxmox guest VMs and LXC containers! I cant seem to get everything to work all together. Any advise would be appreciated.
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