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Apr 28, 2005
Hi all!

A Proxmox VE training with lots of practical hands-on lab helps you to easily learn and understand all the basic and advanced features of Proxmox VE.

Our training schedule offers modular 2-days training at basic or advanced level as well as a compact 4-day training bundle.

Bundle benefit
The training bundle covers all the topics you need to know to handle your Proxmox VE infrastructure with ease for the best value for money.

Find all training dates, details and pricing on our website:
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I'm interested in doing this, but it would need to be in New York City if I were to have to do it in person. An online course would be much better for me, as New York City is still 5 hours away & would be approximately $500 additional expense.
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An online course would work out quite well for me too, probably for most people here as well. There are multiple videos and blog posts that I've used to learn about Proxmox, but they are all done by different people with different levels of understanding and presentation skills. I'd rather have a training that is consistent.

Although, there is an advantage to having a human interaction with live presentations that I would be willing to pay for.
In this moment we are planning a training in North America this year. It was first planned to organise one in the U.S., but it turned out that our trainers need a working visa for this. To get one of this is time consuming and quite a bit of luck. We're working on that. Until then we are planning to hold a training in Canada near the U.S. border and well reachable via airplane - e.g. Toronto.
That might work out holding it in Toronto. I'm close enough to the border to make this work. I'll have to renew my visa, but I don't see any issues with it.

One of the vendors that provided the training, StackTrace, is looking into the possibility of broadcasting the live training over the internet. It seems like they had many similar requests. I'll post here if I hear anything back from them.
How about Vancouver B.C.? Toronto (or "T-Oh" for slang) is nice, but there are plenty of professionals in Vancouver and all along the West Coast of the US that would and could come up easily ;)

That, and Vancouver is so much nicer than Toronto ;) ... we have mountains, deserts, Wine country, Surfing, hiking... etc...
Are the European training sessions held in english? sorry to have to ask but it would be pointless me signing up to a course in german, french (or veinnese?). Are you considering any in the UK/London? We are after all rapidly becoming the east atlantic branch of silicon valley, esp north london. Worth pointin out pop of london is bigger than many EU countries!! just sayin.
I would also like to request training in North America, but I am open for remote training sessions.
We should have local meetups. I would be willing to host one in Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) as my apartment complex has a community room we can use that has wifi. If there is interest in this, I can start a separate thread on it.
Is considered a training in spanish
Would be great, but currently, we do not have any official training partner providing trainings in Spanish, I'm afraid.

FYI: If an authorized training partner were to offer training in Spanish or another language in the future, it would show up here:

@others: For anyone who has been a successful official resell-partner for some time, has a sound knowledge of Proxmox VE and would like to become a training partner in order to be able to offer official training courses, I recommend contacting and checking out
My question is being in the US and not understanding Euros, and how they translate. In USD is the training ~$3,000 or $30.00 I don't understand the period being in the number.


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