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Mar 4, 2019
Good day please can someone kindly assist me with the following issue :

basically i have 2 problems :

1) Cannot boot from USB media
2) Cannot boot from the hardrive once the proxmox OS is installed using CD/DVD Drive

i have a HP 500b/2a8c Microtower its a very old computer yes i know.
But i just want to use it as a dedicated Machine to host a Proxmox VM setup.

However the problem is after installing it never seems to boot , it just says no bootable media found .

If i take the drive that i just installed proxmox from it will boot in another computer just fine , but it seems in this machine it doesn't want to boot , i've tried updating BIOS to the latest revision but still doesn't seem to work.

During installation of proxmox i'm just using the default settings its on ext4 when installing & the install runs fine , but once it reboots it never comes up again , the only way to get it to boot is to use the rescue option on the installation boot media for proxmox. but i can't be booting it like that everytime.

And yes i know its likely GRUB just like every other article i've read mentions , but even if i boot from a live iso & perfom the mounting and then grub-update / grub-install , it doesn't work all the commands work fine and looks like its going to work , but on reboot it still wont boot.

My one concern is UEFI , i dont know much about it , but what i noticed is that i can install windows 7 / 8 / 10 on this machine just fine and from my understanding windows 10 uses UEFI to boot? I can also install other linux GRUB based installs like debian and fedora onto the drive and reboot and it boots just fine , but for some reason proxmox will not boot after being installed.

BTW : installation media is a CD-ROM / DVD because it doesn't seem to boot from USB on proxmox installer iso either , but other live iso's and installation media work just fine.
Proxmox Version: 5.2.1
Hard drive is 1TB Toshiba / but i have swapped for others and same problem.

When trying to install from USB Media:
I use rufus to make the Bootable Flash - ISO mode (DD mode doesn't register it as bootable).
but it gets to the mounting / un-mounting of something and doesn't seem to register the drive.

Hence i just went with using the Physical CD that i burnt from the proxmox ISO then use that and it works fine.

So from my diagnosis is that its not the Installation Media / Hard drive.

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this any help would be appreciated gladly TIA.

I also have this screenshot of how the partitions look after installing proxmox :
Proxmox Version: 5.2.1

Can you try with the latest ISO version 5.3-2? https://www.proxmox.com/en/downloads/category/iso-images-pve

If that still doesn't work, then try looking for "Safe Boot" or similar in your BIOS and disable it.
Or try to find something along the lines of "Legacy Mode" or "Legacy Boot" and try enabling it.

If both of those don't exist, then since you mentioned that you can install Debian normally, install a normal Debian and put Proxmox on it. Instructions for that can be found here:
Thanks for your timely response, sorry i forgot to mention i had also tried the latest version 5.3-2 ,

The BIOS is very old doesn't have safe boot options or Legacy boot options either.

Let me attempt to install debian since i managed to do that and boot fine , then let me see if i can install proxmox on top of it, i'll let u know how it goes thanks.
Wow thank you so much for that ! it worked installing the Debian OS then installing the Proxmox ontop of it . Even still allows me to get into the linux GUI / CLI of the original OS , thats wonderful , thanks so much for ur assistance. at least this will prove to be a workaround for me.

I would still like to know why it wont boot from the Proxmox ISO though its a bit sad i like keeping things clean.
And the USB not booting still puzzles me , as it boots from all other computers, just not this one , i dunno if its a BIOS / Hardware issue or what.


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