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    Proxmox freezing randomly

    Hi, my Proxmox mini server (intel n100), is freezing randomly during the day. Can somebody help me solve it? I have no idea what is it causing. Server drops all connections, will not respond to ping Log before crash is attached bellow
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    Seeking Advice: Migrating VMs from Vmware ESXi 5.1 to Proxmox VE Without Direct Upgrade Path

    Hello, I'm in the process of migrating from an old server running VMware ESXi version 5.x to a new server with Proxmox VE. I've reviewed the Proxmox wiki page and noticed that automatic import of a full VM was tested on ESXi versions 6.5 through 8.0. While planning this migration, I've...
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    Proxmox Storage Configuration

    I have a couple Dell Poweredge R240 servers and I want to install Proxmox on these. Each currently has a Dell 960 GB balanced read/write Enterprise SSD. There are 3 free 3.5" drive bays - 4 total per server. I can buy a bunch of 3TB enterprise drives for cheap and create a ZFS pool with 1 drive...
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    BIOS Optionen neuer Proxmox Server

    Guten Abend zusammen, nun habe ich endlich meinen neuen Proxmox Server zusammengebaut :) Anbei die Komponenten: Mainboard: Gigabyte MC12-LE0 CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X RAM: 4X 32GB DDR4 ECC ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 Gen 4 Cardmit 2...
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    Best approach to dual-boot Proxmox VE and Proxmox Backup

    I'm currently working on redoing my homelab and want to introduce Proxmox Backup. I have a Proxmox VE server hosting a couple of containers running 24/7. I have a second Proxmox VE, which I only boot every now and use as a testbed. Now I'm wondering if I could dual-boot the second testbed server...
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    Cluster reboot

    There is a cluster containing 24 servers A DDOS occurred on one of the nodes in the cluster, on port 80 of one of the machines, at the time of the DDOS attack the machine was turned off, waited for it to stop completely and transferred to another node, but on the original node a high LA of over...
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    Proxmox VE session timeout

    Good afternoon, please tell me if it is possible to configure the session lifetime for the root@pam and user@pve accounts, so that after 15 minutes the session is automatically terminated and the user would have to authorize again.
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    Proxmox is unreachable after startup

    Hi, I've been having a problem with my Proxmox server since yesterday. After it boots up (about 3 minutes), my Proxmox server becomes unreachable. My router no longer detects it, it no longer responds to ping, and it is no longer available online (web panel). I removed the auto start from all...
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    How to install Win11 in Proxmox | Quick guide | And fix problems of network search

    To get started, we need: virtio-win ISO win11 ISO Next create VM, We need this: OS — use w11 image System — use SCSI controller — VirtIO SCSI | Bios OVMF (UEFI) and add TPM Disk — VirtIO Block and minimal disk size 64 Gb Add CD/DVD Drive to Hardware, use IDE virtio-win Image. Now we can...
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    [SOLVED] Proxmox Hangs on Pre-Installation Boot Screen when Installing on Debian Bookworm (Proxmox 8.0)

    Hello all, I have an issue with installing a fresh instance of Proxmox 8 (latest as of October 25). I am able to install plain Debian or Ubuntu without any issues, but unable to complete installation of Proxmox 8 on top of Debian. I am following the instructions from the official Proxmox wiki...
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    [SOLVED] CrateDB on Proxmox VE - ext4 corruption

    Hi! I noticed that Proxmox lists CrateDB under success stories so I decided to give it a try. Then I created a few very basic VM's for testing (maybe with suboptimal configuration but still): 10 CPU cores (1 x 10, no NUMA), 50 GB RAM (balloon = 0) 2 IDE disks where one is system disk and...
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    Running OPNSense on Proxmox on a Protectli FW4B (without IOMMU)

    Hello everyone, NOTE: in my message below, I make assumptions and guesses based on my research, but it’s very possible it’s full of mistakes and misunderstandings on my part…o_O To preface: I am pretty new to OPNsense (although I had just a bit of experience with pfSense), and entirely new to...
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    Maximum Version on HPE Proliant DL380 Gen9

    Anyone got experience about installing proxmox on Proliant Gen9 ? what is the maximum version can i install on that machine? the specs :
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    io-error lässt vm nicht starten - warum zfs pool zu 100% voll?

    Hallo zusammen, ich stehe vor folgendem Problem und suche hierzu Unterstützung: - Proxmox VE 6.1-3 - 1 x 200 GB SSD für Proxmox und Gast-Betriebssystem - 3 x 4 TB als ZFS Raid5 für Daten - darauf eine einzige VM (OMV als NAS für Backups und lokales Datengrab) - Hard Disk 1 (virtio0) auf...
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    Status: io-error

    Hallo zusammen, ich stehe vor folgendem Problem und suche hierzu Unterstützung: - Proxmox VE 6.1-3 - 1 x 200 GB SSD für Proxmox und Gast-Betriebssystem - 3 x 4 TB als ZFS Raid5 für Daten - darauf eine einzige VM (OMV als NAS für Backups und lokales Datengrab) - Hard Disk 1 (virtio0) auf...
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    Proxmox ports setup

    Hi I have been trying to setup a couple of Linuxgsm servers within proxmox VE 's LXC based on the Ubuntu 22.10 template. Currently I have gotten the services up and running on the LXC level, but I need to setup the required ports for these. I am guessing this done through the firewall menu...
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    PROBLEM: Can´t backup VMs anymore

    Hey everyone, after I had a IP double use (accidentally) I get errors while a backupjob, The Log shows the following error: storing login ticket failed: $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR must be set INFO: Backup job finished with errors TASK ERROR: job errors The funny part is, that I only get the task error...
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    Migrate Proxmox VE Host Installation

    I currently have Proxmox installed on a zfs single disk, and want to move it to a zfs mirror. The tricky part is that the disk it is on now will be one of the disks in the mirror. How would I move the install to a temporary location, create the mirror with the two disks, and then move the...
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    Proxmox VM DR Scenario

    Hello everyone, I have two different Proxmox VE clusters in my data center located in two different geographies. I want to replicate for DR of VMs running on Proxmox. Currently, I can provide this with file system replication on Storage, but it is not very useful. Do anyone protect against DR...
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    One and only Intel iGPU passthrough to Windows VM with HDMI/Displayport output

    Hello! I have a mini PC (Zotac ZBOX CI642 nano) with a 10th gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor and integrated Intel UHD Graphics. I would like to use this machine as a HomeAssisstant server, a NAS, etc... and running and using Windows virtual machine for work and home usage. I use a 4K monitor...


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