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Jul 25, 2019

I have installed proxmox in my 1 TB SSD system
I can see that is divided into local & local-lvm
local= 3.05% (2.86 GiB of 93.99 GiB)
local-lvm=0.45% (3.58 GiB of 794.76 GiB)

The issue is I can only upload iso images and backups to local and that is limited to 93.99 GB
I need to use local-lvm for more areas

how can I enable more content in local-lvm ?(currently only for Disk image and container )
In general, you can edit the content type in Datacenter->Storage with a double click on the storage. However, local-lvm allows only Disk images and containers. Here is the documentation on storages.
Thank you for the update

Is it possible to reduce the size of 'local-lvm', mount free space to somewhere in the server and allocate this new space for backup and ios images? or Is it possible to resize the 'local-lvm' and add that space to 'local'?

My server has only two slots for hard drives that are already filled with 1 TB each and is Raid 1, can you tell me any other suggestion to utilize the same server for backup and ios images other than 'local' and 'local-lvm'

Please give me a better option
You can tweak some parameters already during the installation as explained in "Advanced LVM Configuration Options".

Reducing the size could be a little tricky. Do you already have important data on local-lvm?
I don't have much data in local-lvm only a few containers and VMs that I can manage
The problem is that reducing the size of thin pool volumes is not implemented yet.
The solution starts with removing the thin pool
lvremove pve/data
The summary of local-lvm in the GUI will show Usage N/A and the entry from Disks->LVM-Thin will be removed.
Then create a new, smaller (here size 500G) logical volume.
lvcreate -L 500G pve --thinpool data
The entry in Disks-LVM-Thin will reappear and local-lvm will now show 500GiB instead of N/A.

Increase the size (here +200G) of the logical volume for the storage local including the underlying filesystem.
lvextend --resizefs -L +200G pve/root


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