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May 17, 2015
Tried to search but found nothing. Where I can get beta or nightly version of Proxmox?
Added proxmox testpve repo. apt update && apt upgrade - upgrades nothing. How this can be? Tell me any of package that testpve have newer that in production.
Never do a upgrade, always a dist-upgrade.

Please search the forum, there are countless threads about this topic.
found this somewhere in the internet:

If a new version of a package needs a new dependency, apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade and install the dependency, apt-get upgrade won't. Kernel upgrades usually come as a new package, which is a new dependency of the new version of the kernel metapackage. If you want to install kernel upgrades by command line, you need apt-get dist-upgrade. This is to make it possible to keep an old kernel and keep the system bootable if there is a bug in the new kernel or installation failed.

If a new version of a package conflicts with an already installed package, apt-get dist-upgrade may remove the conflicting package and upgrade the other, apt-get upgrade won't. But I've never seen apt-get dist-upgrade remove packages, so I assume it's rare. But I don't run the development version or use many PPAs.

When a new version of a package no longer depends on some dependency, both apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade will upgrade the package and leave the dependency in place (possibly upgrading that too; there is no need to remove the ex-dependency), but it may become autoremovable.

but all my life I was used just upgrade without any problems. and as I think (and as it tells in quoted text) - But I've never seen apt-get dist-upgrade remove packages, so I assume it's rare.
I just want to see any post where apt upgrade was do problems and dist-upgrade fixes it.
Searched it. Found mass of post where it says - NOT USE UPGRADE USE DIST-UPGRADE without any explanation. May be you tell me exact post (or right search string) where it's explained and not just NEVER USE UPGRADE USE DIST-UPGRADE.
Use Internet search engines with:
Code: why dist-upgrade

You learn that doing apt upgrade may lead to
The following packages have been kept back:
If this is not fixed with dist-upgrade or installing the missing packages, proxmox is broken because components are incompatible versions.


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