proxmox-acme: Update for INWX dnsapi file required


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Sep 19, 2023
For a few days my proxmox Cluster was unable to update the let's encrypt certificates. Proxmox-acme failed to set the txt records with my domain provider INWX.

Apparently, the file, provided by libproxmox-acme-plugins is behind the repository that was updated about a month ago with this commit:

It's a simple change (adding the '-i' flag to grep in Line 197), so I updated the file on all of my proxmox nodes.

My question is: how is the life cycle of these packages? Are they tracked rather closely, or are updates to be expected after a longer period?
I'm fine changing it for the time being, just interested in general way of updates on external packages.

Thanks! :)
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Thanks for that post! Just updated my Proxmox and noticed the error was still present after updating to 7.4-16.
Fixed it by adding "-i" :)
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Happy it helped.
I'm on 8.0.4 with libproxmox-acme-plugins 1.4.6 installed.

Out of curiosity: I checked INWX's API with and with LEGO and only had problems with host.sub.domain.tld format, not with host.domain.tld.
What format does your fqdn have?
I have host.domain.tld. Or more precise:
The txt-Record is found under
Bumped into this too, thanks for providing a quick fix here! I'm also curious how this is handled by Proxmox, or if we can help somehow like with a PR.

Just to point out the solution more exact: In the file /usr/share/proxmox-acme/dnsapi/ change this

grep "^Set-Cookie:"

to this (add the -i flag)

grep -i "^Set-Cookie:"


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