Properly delete created directorys and ZFS pool


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Sep 18, 2019
Hi guys,

as written here, I'm new to proxmox. I have 3 Disks in my Server (DELL PowerEdge T20): 120GB SSD (where I installed proxmox on a ZFS filesystem), 1TB Toshiba HDD, 3TB WD Red HDD.

There a a few more infos to my setup, but here I just want to know how I properly delete created directorys and ZFS pool

I created for fun on my 1TB HDD a directory and called it storage. Then I unmounted that via shell command "umount -R /mnt/pve/storage.
After that I ran "fdisk /dev/sda" and created a new partition label (gpt) and wrote that changes in hope, that the entry under "Directory" vanish. But it didn't :(
Then I did the same thing but now called it storage2.
How can I delete those directorys?

After that, I created (for testing) with that same HDD a ZFS pool also called storage.
And I think you guess it - I don't know how to delete it.


The shell command "zpool destroy storage" also doesnt work.

root@pve:/storage# zpool destroy storage
umount: /storage: target is busy.
cannot unmount '/storage': umount failed
could not destroy 'storage': could not unmount datasets

Manually unmounting also doesn't work because it's not mounted. Rebooting the node also didn't help.


Here it seems like there is something mounted to /storage, but again "umount -f /storage" doesnt work.


root@pve:/storage# umount -f /storage
umount: /storage: target is busy.

Thank you in advance guys :)
How can I delete those directorys?
those are systemd mount units located under


e.g. /etc/systemd/system/mnt-pve-storage.mount

when you delete those files, the entries disappear and systemd does not try to mount it anymore

to add a zfs storage for your existing zfs pool, click add->zfs in the storage view and select your zpool
Ah thank you so much! Deleting those two files worked!

Unfortunately there isn't a file for my "old" ZFS pool called storage. How can I delete that?



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