[SOLVED] Planning out an Idea...Wanting Feedback


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Aug 25, 2018
I have been using Proxmox for just over 2 years now, and has been one of the best changes I have made to my home "datacentre". I am now looking at implementing Proxmox in another setup in my home and I am looking for some guidance and feedback on what I am planning.

My current plan is to install proxmox on my desktop, which is running 24 Gb ram on an Intel i7 (3.2GHz, 4 thread, quad-core) with a NVidia GTX 1060 and add it into my existing DL380 G5 cluster ( currently has 5 servers in the cluster) mostly for ease of management.

I plan to pass the GPU through to a windows VM for gaming. ideally, I would be a Linux only house but some of the games that I play now and then won't run under Steam on Linux. I have a second graphics card that if it fits I would install and pass that to a Linux VM. Both would be attached to a single monitor that has dual inputs. Otherwise, I would skip the Linux VM and just use the rest of the space on the machine for testing and experimenting on.

currently, I use VirtualBox running under windows.

Other than being an interesting experiment is it worth it or should I just reinstall windows on the desktop and call it done? Or do I do a Linux install with a windows VM under something like VirtualBox for gaming?

To add more detail the games I play are not triple "A" titles and are things like Subnatuica, farming simulator, Kerbal Space Program, Jurassic Park Evolution. Though I do have some older triple "A" titles in my steam library.
I am running a VM with a GTX750ti passed through via OMVF the parsecgaming application (+console unlock) and its working well.
I have a second card - GTX 1050ti - which was working fine until one day when I received the dreaded Nvidia driver -43 error and have since then been unable to make use of it.

If (when) I make this next setup, I will most probably install debian + proxmox packages on one hw client, with a virtual machine and Looking Glass addon. And should that not work, I will just reinstall it to Windows.

The reason why I need to go back to the fat client setup is that there are too many moving parts that can fail for my 8yr old, when all he wants to do is to fire up a game and be done with it.
After some experimenting it turns out the computer I had planned to pass the GPU through did not have the requirements for proxmox to be able to pass the GPU though. I ended up installing windows on that machine as a gaming rig and using the other 2 under an ubuntu install for an admin console and media centre.


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