OpenVPN setup on Proxmox


Apr 8, 2019
My previous thread I asked how to remote into Proxmox. I was given some vague directions (NAT redirect to 8006; how do I do this?), and now I figure I should try to do remote access to Proxmox with a VPN.

I've installed Proxmox successfully on my Dell PowerEdge R710 Server (local IP is, and within Proxmox I've installed a Debian VM with PiVPN (which is OpenVPN from what I've read), which is local IP

During the OpenVPN install on the VM, I created an OVPN file with the following settings:
Protocol: UDP
Port: 1194
OpenVPN Elliptical Curves? No
Encryption Key: 2048 (Diffie-Hellman Key, and HMAC key)
Public IP:
DNS Provider: Google
(let's just say my Public IP is in this example)

I would like to be able to VPN into the Proxmox Web Interface (local IP is and uses port 8006). So, how would I go about doing this? Here is what I've done since creating the OVPN file:
  1. Installed OpenVPN on my Windows Machine
  2. SCP'd the OVPN file to
    D:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
  3. SCP'd the OVPN file to Proxmox's
  4. On my Router, set to Forward
    Port 1194, IP, Protocol UDP
  5. In Windows, I started up OpenVPN, put in the password, and it says
    Connected To: <OVPN file's name>
    Assigned IP:
    (It's not really, this is just an example).

So now what? I've tried connecting to the following through my browser, but have gotten nothing back:

I must be missing something I assume?

I've also seen these 2 guides online which look really helpful (which I'm willing to try if people here believe this is not the right way to get remote VPN access to Proxmox):
but they don't really explain what to do afterwards. Like do I need to install OpenVPN on my system and then login through it?
Assuming your VPN connection works it connects just your PC to the Debian VM (verify, if this works be connecting from your PC to the VM using it's VPN address 10.10.10.x).

In order to access at Porxomox's WEB GUI you have to route the connection to it, AFAIU in your example, but this requests
* enable forwarding in the VM
* route-entry in your PC that VPN should used for
* route-entry in your Proxmox host that is the gateway for VPN addresses

Then connecting via should work.


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