Offload proxmox backups


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Dec 30, 2012
Hi all,

Can I offload proxmox backup files to another site as a second or thierd backup location?

Say we do a local backup on a local storage on the proxmox server and i want to offload this to another storage system every weekend.
How would i go about it?

And how would i use this backup for restore. Can i just copy it back into the proxmox local backup store and restore from there?
yeah you can! As with most things, there are many ways to do it. If you want to sync local storage, having an rsync job or something like it will probably suffice. Just make sure that you are not running backups while backing up your backup, or you might end up with broken files on the backup of the backup (what a sentence xD).
The same goes for external storage like nfs or smb.

If you want to go the "intended" way, you could use the proxmox backup server. Besides some comfort features, you'll have the possibility to set up a sync job between your pbs instance, to handle the backing up of your backup.

As for restoring, you can just add the drive you synced to, or the additional pbs instance as a storage in your pve. When selecting it, the backups should just show up and you'll have an option to restore them
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Can I offload proxmox backup files to another site as a second or thierd backup location?
The answer is not only yes, backup is of very limited use if its housed on the same hardware as your infrastructure. You can use vzdump to have multiple schedule with multiple targets, so you wouldnt necessarily need to "move" anything, just make a second backup schedule once a week to your remote target.

Do you have an offsite location available already, or are you shopping that as well?
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Also keep ransomware protection in mind unless you backup to some offline storage like tape. If your PVE with its local VZDump backups gets compromised and that PVE is copying the backups to some other storages for a second and third backup, then the attacker maybe also got the privileges to over write or even delete all those backups on all locations.


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