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    I need to setup a production cluster of 5 nodes.

    I need to configure 4 public IP subnets to assign to LXC.

    I want to be able to migrate any LXC to any node.

    Do I need to create 4 bridges (on all nodes) one for every subnet and assign LXC to them so if container migrate they will find same bridge?

    I would like to use a single NIC for WAN , do I need to add one 1 IP for every subnet to the NIC and define routes?

    I have the option too to use a single larger subnet too and it would be easier but less versatile.

    I Thank you for any suggestion.
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    The five nodes need to be in the same layer2 network (you could use a separate one for each of the 4 IP-subnets, but usually, you cannot have 1 IP subnet in multiple layer2 networks).

    If you assign each network to a VLAN of by itself you can use one vlan_aware bridge (getting all VLANS for the networks) and assign the vlan-tag to a container, based on the network.
    (you can also have the 4 networks on one VLAN and not deal with vlan_awareness or tags per interface (although this makes the networks more tightly coupled)

    The PVE-nodes do not need an ip in each of the networks

    Check out the reference documentation for a first overview:

    hope this helps!
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