Mixing Samsung SSD in a ZFS RAID1


Aug 8, 2023
Milan, Italy
Hello, we're new to Proxmox and we're converting our small datacenter from vmware 6.7 to Proxmox 8.

We're planning to install VM storage using ZFS RAID1 using 2x SAMSUNG ENTERPRISE SSD.
Some of our hosts currently use 1x SSD Samsung PM1725A (HHHL) 1.6 TB, unfortunately this model is not available anymore.

Do you think it's a bad idea to add as a secondary SSD a newer model like the PM1735 and build a ZFS RAID1 with two different model (but same size)?

Important: we are budget-limited at the moment, this is the reason behind the question.

Should be fine. Just make sure both disks got similar performance/characteristics, as the mirror will only be as fast as the slowest model. But keep in mind that the new one is rated for less DWPD and might fail sooner.
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Hi Dunuin, what you mean? A new PM1735 should live less than our "old" PM1725 which is already working since 2019 ? Why?
We already have some PM1735 and it seems to be a solid drive.
PM1725A (HHHL) 1.6 TB -> 5 years warranty or exceeding 14.6 PB TBW -> 5 DWPD
PM1735 1.6 TB -> 5 years warranty or exceeding 8.76 PB TBW -> 3 DWPD

So looks like Samsung isn't trusting the NAND of the new one not as much as the old one.
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Yeah and indeed another reason why majority are now with Solidigim or Sk Hynix. Samsung did good product in the past and major datacenter don't used that not anymore for their upgrade/update system. And getting a newer gen do help, even if your system don't sustain gen4 speed or so..
Understood. However I think we can't do much, I mean, we cannot buy a PM1725A anyway. I was just worried that two different model would cause problem with ZFS or with RAID.


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