Intel X710DA2 picking up wrong driver

Mike Montgomery

New Member
Dec 13, 2018
We have a SuperMicro 6018-TD8 that we have added an Intel x710-DA2 10Gb NIC we then installed proxmox and see that it's maximum bandwidth is 1Gb (????).

We investigated (ran ethanol -i enp8s0f0) and found that the driver being used is igb (an intel 1Gb driver).

If we do lspci we see that the driver associated with the X710-DA2 card is i40e (which is the correct 10Gb driver).

How do we get the i40e driver running on enp8s0f0?

Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.
Are you sure that you are looking for the correct ethernet link? enp8s0f0 is usually the onboard adapter, i would expect something like ens?
Compare the businfo in "ethtool -i" with lspci"

"ip link show" will show you all the available links.
Thank you for the pointer and the quick response, Klaus. You were right. The 10Gb interface is ens4f1.

I attempted to replace the enp8s0f0 1Gb interface with the ens4f1 10Gb interface in the vmbr0 bridge in /etc/network/interfaces but was not successful. The server became unreachable on the network.

Do you have any suggestions for moving the bridge to the 10Gb interface? Are there other configuration files that need to be modified?

Thank you again for your help!
Yes. The cable is in the correct connector.

As proof, I enabled ens4f1 in /etc/network/interfaces and assigned it a unique IP address. Restarted networking and was able to ssh into the unique address.

cat /etc/network/interfaces
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface enp8s0f0 inet manual

auto vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
bridge_ports enp8s0f0
bridge_stp off
bridge_fd 0

iface eno1 inet manual

auto ens4f1
iface ens4f1 inet static

iface enp8s0f1 inet manual

However, when I replace "bridge_ports enp8s0f0" with "bridge_ports ens4f1" in vmbr0 and set "iface ens4f1 inet manual" (remove auto ens4f1 address netmask and restart networking, the machine becomes unreachable.

Are there other changes required to attach the 10Gb NIC to the bridge?

Thank you again for your assistance.
restart networking with the old ifup tools did never work as expected with bridges.

If you manually stop the bridge and then start networking again it possibly works, but to be sure reboot the server
Klaus, Thank you for walking me through the debug of this problem.

I reinstalled proxmox on this server and chose what I thought was the correct 10Gb interface to be the bridge port (ens4f1). When the server rebooted and I could not ping anything on the network. I changed /etc/network/interfaces to use the other 10Gb interface as the bridge port (eno1) and I was on the 10Gb network!

I appreciate you helping me with a problem of my own making. Thank you again!


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