Apr 9, 2020
Trying to install Proxmox VE 6.3 on my good 'ol i5-2500 (Sandy Bridge) machine. Thing is, the built-in graphics have been badly supported by the Linux kernel since the dawn of time, causing the installer to freeze since it's trying to run in 'full' graphics mode. This is not ProxMox' fault, I have (had) this problem with Ubuntu as well.
However, Ubuntu has this nice little 'boot with safe graphics' option, allowing to install the system even on Sandy Bridge (to hell) graphics. This option seems to be missing with ProxMox.
Another workaround I've learned through the years is to pass 'nomodeset' as a kernel boot parameter in GRUB. This forces low-res, non-accelerated (a.k.a. safe) graphics.
However when I try this with the Proxmox installer, it just drops me to a root shell, showing error "Installation aborted - unable to continue (type exit or CTRL-D to reboot)".
Xorg shows the error "Cannot run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices" on TTY2.

I must say this is a bit frustrating since I know once the installation finishes, graphic support is no longer needed.

Anything else I can try, besides buying a separate graphics card just for the purpose of finishing the installer?
Never mind, I found an old PCI graphics card in my basement. After plugging it in I was able to start the Proxmox installation without issues. After that, pulled it back out and the system boots fine. Now to fix my next issue...
I'm now facing the same issue with an i9-9900K and a GTX1660.
I know it's not really a "server" hardware but it's my actual test lab machine, and I would like to play with that trying to restore some qcow image of some VM.

After selecting install proxmox I can only see some artifacts on the screen

For my setup problems occurs with proxmox 6.4-1 iso while looks fine with the 7.0 BETA ;)
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