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Feb 21, 2023
ok guys, got tired of paying for web hosting and piss poor IT help.
so i decided to invest some real money and host my websites and business databases/reverse etls from home
ive dropped some serious cash, and now i need the BEST PERFORMANCE setup, but im so torn about which way to go,
ill list what i have and what i need and im hoping you can give me the best performance initial install and setup advice possible.
ive been using proxmox for many years to run my own services fro home and home assistant etc, but this beast is a bit differernt

Internet connection
Primary ... 10gb enterprise grade high cos ethernet connection 10gbUP/10gbDOWN ......installed ready to go
Back up ... 1gb up/down enterprise grade high cos ......installed ready to go
network hardware
1X UBIQUITI udm SE dream machine ROUTER
2X UBIQUITI USW-EnterpriseXG-24

setup like below

Router 1x ubiquiti UDM SE dream machine with 10gb WAN1 and 1gb wan 2

10gb connection to
2x USW-EnterpriseXG-24 with a -- sfp28-- 25GB--connection-between those


3x LENOVO P620 thinkstations each containing
-5995WX threadripper cpu
-256gb ram 3200mhz
1x samsung 990pro nvme 2tb
1x wdblue SN570 2tb gen4 nvme
2x quad nvme riser adaptors gen 3 (so 8x samsung evo970 2tb ea so 16tb in total)
2x Seagate 18TB Exos 7200 HDD so 36tb in total
1x 10gb onboard sfp+ 10gb connection
1x dual 10gb sfp+ 10gb pci xt550 intel (so 3x 10gb connections in total PER SERVER)

i was thinking
of setting up a proxmox cluster with the 3 servers.

7 websites all running on WORDPRESS ( i know dont get me started) but this is less about hosting the actual sites. becuase you can only squeeze so much out of the dogs breakfast that is wordpress.

its more about,
i self host JITSU (a open source tracking solution which deploys analytics js, and transfer data to my own data warehouses, primarily run on clickhouse.
all on currently using ubuntu server VMs and microk8s, but they dont strictly need to gbe on k8s, i was just experimenting (to be honest ive found the whole k8s on LXC to be super difficult and gave up instead using the ubuntu vms)., and i run many other different little services in LXC containers.
etc. and i use NGINX proxy manager for those , as an easy solution, and handle ingress for

i use POWER bi to run alot of queries and reports from these warehouses.

here is the issue.
for the last 6 months i was waiting for the final server to arrive so i played around with different storage and setups
like zfs, raid , lvm, etc., then MAYASTOR on kubernates etc
but i cannot for the life of me figure out which way to go.

so im hoping you can give some advise.
what i want is
obviously redundancy,
but i want the fastest i can do for everything.

how would you setup the storage,
1. which drive to install proxmox on , and what storage method, given 3 server cluster
1a, should i even use a proxmox cluster, i struggle to understand the difference between using k8s vs proxmox cluster is it essentially the same thing, and k8s wont offer any advantages vs just using a proxmox cluster. apart from scaling
2. which drives and storage method to setup for websites (just running on LXC webmins)
3. which devices and storage method to setup for clickhouse DB (need to get the fastest queries but also dependable redundancy)
4. i can install jitsu and DBs on kubernates or in LXC containers (will i get any performance benefits using kubernates and mayastor vs lxc and docker versions)
5. would like to automate proxmox backups to the HDD's using the backup server , thinking this will be ok?.

zfs seems a waste of resources and pretty slow, but i havent tried raid 10 etc,
my ego wants the fastest of everything but i know redundancy is super important too.....urgh!!

any help will be appreciated.
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