Help needed. Is this VLAN setup correct?


Jul 12, 2021
So I have pfSense virtualized as a VM inside PVE, and here's my current network setup and it worked fine(despite no VLAN)

I then created a VLAN in pfSense using `vnet0` but with a VLAN id 20, and I turned on the `VLAN aware` flag in the PVE network config page. I'm not sure if the diagram is accurate but you get the idea. However I cannot access the VLAN20 on clients with the correct VLAN id 20. The VLAN20 interface firewall on pfSense already allows everything.

Am I doing it right? Is it possible to have PVE totally unaware of the VLAN on the vmbr0 bridge? Thanks!

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Update: VM connected to the same vmbr0 but with different VLAN id now can get IP from VLAN DHCP and can access the internet. This is the setup(though I'm using VLAN ID 10 in this case):

PVE network:


pfSense VLAN setting:


pfSense interfaces:

Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 23.02.28.png

However devices connected to the LAN unmanaged switch( or even directly connected to PVE host LAN port) are still not able to join VLAN10, even with manual IP. I'll do more research.


Very strange. I haven't changed anything and the VLAN just miracally worked over the switch. Next step is to buy a managed switch and fine control the network setup, though a POE one isn't cheap
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If this is an unmanaged switch I would not expect physical clients connected to that switch to be to access anything but the native/default lan in pfSense with this setup.

VM/LXC connected to vmbr0 and tagged with a vlan would be expected to work.

show, /etc/network/interfaces from Proxmox, for more specific help.
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