Feature Request: Extra options for VM "Start at boot"

Nov 21, 2019
Hi All

I'm not quite sure if this is the correct place to post feature requests. If it isn't, I'd appreciate it if someone could let me know the appropriate location.


Current system:
In the options of each VM, there is a setting for the telling Proxmox what to do when the host server is powered on, the "Start at boot" option.

It is a boolean option: If true, the VM is started. If false, the VM is not started

Would it be possible to add a third possibility to the above option along the lines of "Same as last state".

Use Case:
Not all VMs need to be on all the time, or off all the time, but rather be only running when a particular task or project needs to be executed. In the case of such VMs, if there is a power interruption, whatever the running state the VM was in prior to the power interruption, must be honoured and restored when power is restored.

Currently, if there is a power interruption, an administrator needs to go through the logs to determine what VMs were on at the time the power interruption, and then restart those VMs. The more VMs there are, the longer this manual task takes.

The only work-around at the moment I can think of, is to change the power-on-boot setting each time you start or stop a VM.

This is a real problem in a country like South Africa, where the national electricity supply is unreliable and backup power generation and storage are being pushed to their limits.
Couldn't you achieve this using HA and instead of manually shutting a guest down just ask the HA manager to set the its state to "Shutdown"? HA states persist through node reboots and this seems like a pretty common scenario for HA.


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