ENOUGH WITH THE pve-root sizing crap!!

Nov 5, 2018
I installed Proxmox VE on a 16GB card. I let Proxmox installer handle the storage configuration automatically. EVERY SINGLE TIME I INSTALL A new 'apt install' I run out of space and rebooting no longer fixes the problem! If someone has a CLEAR (read non, pipe this and > that and % there to f^%k &That) answer on a L O N G term permanent solution. PLEASE HELP by telling me:)!

My DF = 100% used and I have 1.0GB of modules I can't get rid of because they are in the same kernel. Fix this fucking limitation, how fucking amateur can one make a product!? There is NO LOGICAL REASON, despite what crap the devs puke out of their keyboards, that this should be there. I have NOTHING i can remove from pve-root (as it ONLY BEEN CONTROLLED BY PROXMOX VE)

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned error code (1)
 #ncdu -x
Just because it's a linux OS does not mean I should need to babysit it for freaking updates it doesn't have space to install on. I supplied it a 16GB SD-CARD for the O/S and wtf is it doing with it?!

I am sorry for the bitchy rant, I just don't have time to do this crap.
SD-Cards, USB dongle and SATDOM are not suitable for Proxmox VE - regardless of the size.
I've run proxmox on supermicro 16GB SATA DOM devices before without issue, BUT this was on relatively low utilization boxes. If you intend to run anything production quality you'd want to move swap and /var to more robust devices.
 # dpkg --list | grep pve-kernel
apt purge pve-kernel-4.15.17-1-pve
and THIS time it was successful, even though the 2 reboots and attempts BEFORE this post it wasn't.

This allowed me to run 'apt upgrade'

The SDCARDs are provided by Dell with Raid 1. I understand the fastest possible is always recommended but it's outside of the point of this thread. Why is it limited, by default install, to 4GB on a 64bit install?
Please search the forum for details, this topic was discussed already multiple times.


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