Docker demand heating up more and more


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Feb 18, 2019
I think the Proxmox developers need to take another hard cold look at the need to facilitate Docker within Proxmox. I love LXC, but we're seeing a LOT more activity and demand for Docker. Heck, it would be great to be able to, for example, use Docker Desktop and with an Extension or even the Portainer Extension be able to deploy Docker containers to Proxmox.

I'm being assaulted regularly by videos such as these now:

Docker and maybe even Kubernetes are just some things that we are going to have to accept must be integrated and supported by the mainline development team for Proxmox.
Would be nice to have. On the other hand...nothing is preventing you from installing Portainer in VM, LXC or even directly on the PVE host.
I guess my suggestion is that higher adoption would 100% be true through seeing such direct support. When people see such things the comfort level would increase by an order of magnitude and anyone considering Proxmox would have their desire to do so bolstered. Yes, even if Proxmox did a direct integration of Portainer maybe similar to the Docker Desktop Extension that Portainer did so that it has Proxmox branding on the left then that itself could significantly help adoption.

The Docker Desktop Extension concept is brilliant in pulling in more adopters and I could see "Proxmox Extensions" also being a brilliant addition that could encourage third party integration.


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