Container setup examples?


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Feb 18, 2019
Being new to Proxmox and containers in general, are there any tutorials or examples of how to setup an Ubuntu 18.04 container and some other Linux distros as containers? It would be nice to see a step-by-step path to follow just to make sure I have everything in order as I start and go through the process.
Our CT wizard is a step by step guide, which parts are unclear?

To be more clear, asking how to setup a linux server is a bit too general.
Thanks @tom, so I guess the "Template" tab is unclear. As I noted, I've not really used containers or Docker before and so I want to install Ubuntu 18.04 as a specific example right now. I'm guessing there's no "iso temple" you shove in there, so what's a template? Where do I get an Ubuntu 18.04 template to put into the local storage template folder? Do I need to make one?

I'm guessing these must be "trivial" questions to someone used to this, but when you start of using this and have been using virtual machines for many years, this seems to be non-trivial given the way the Proxmox wizard works...
You can also just select a storag in the Web GUI, go to it's "Content" tab and click on the "Templates" button, here you can download a selection of templates to use for creating a container.
Thank you both, good to know.

@t.lamprecht one thing that caught me there when you said select a storage, I thought meant from the Storage "tab" under "Datacenter", but in reality you meant to select the storage name on the left under the `pve` instance like "local (pve)" and then the so called "Content" tab and then the "Templates" button.

Thanks for the help there guys. I'll give this a shot - it sounds like it's pretty much straight forward after getting over this strange hump.

It would be nice to have a filter on the Templates dialogue on the web interface. Is there a feature request location to submit things like this?
Glad you found it!

It would be nice to have a filter on the Templates dialogue on the web interface. Is there a feature request location to submit things like this?

Actually this was already done by @Chris only recently[0], once you updated the pve-manager package to version 5.3-9 or later you should see it after a reload of the management webinterface.
Be sure to have a correct package repository configured, see for details

Good to know, thanks. Are there any other template sources available that can be added to the system? If not, what might the steps be involved in creating a template from an Ubuntu based distribution like Pop OS?


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