Connection Timeout (ver 6.4.x) while using API sometimes


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Nov 17, 2022

We use Promox Mail Gateway integrated with our Portal. Sometime while we send using API the DELETE command for transport or mail relay return Connection Timeout.
The server have 4cpu and 8GB of memory in SSD enviroment with usage of processor between 5~30%. It's clustered with another server (mx01 and mx02) and the cluster configuration it's fine and health. If I try to make the same delete command using WEB work's fine without timeout.

The resume of the /var/log/pmgproxy/pmgproxy.log log
x.x.x.x - root@pam [17/11/2022:11:33:22 -0300] "GET /api2/json/config/transport/ HTTP/1.1" 200 127
x.x.x.x - root@pam [17/11/2022:11:33:22 -0300] "GET /api2/json/config/transport/ HTTP/1.1" 200 127
x.x.x.x - root@pam [17/11/2022:11:33:52 -0300] "DELETE /api2/json/config/transport/ HTTP/1.1" 596 -

[DELETE], Url: [],
Content Body:[].
Retornos: StatusCode:[596 596] ReasonPhrase: [Connection timed out] Content: []

Can help me? Looking the changelog of the next versions I don't find nothing about timeout corrections


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May 28, 2020
@clsaad not everything is listed in changelog. Upgrade to latest PMG and test if it works then if does not come back to this thread. You will have to upgrade sooner then later don't run unsupported versions and ask for help. It's not helpful to anyone. If you are running latest version you are more likely to get support.
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Stoiko Ivanov

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Staff member
May 2, 2018
also check the journal of your system when the timeouts happen - maybe it gives hints to where the problem is...


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