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Jun 20, 2023
Hi, let me describe my use case first. I have a remote physical server of around 20TB. I want to use it to host my web app which is currently in GKE. So I want to configure my physical server to host my web app, I'm planning to install a hypervisor (proxmox) on my server and host VMs.

1. First of all, will my solution work or is it an efficient way.
2. Since it is a remote server, I want proxmox to point to a external ip, from where I can access it remotely. Is it possible, if so can anyone please guide me through or send me any docs to follow. Or is any other way to access proxmox remotely.
3. I will need some external ip to be assigned to the VMs, any help for this is appreciated(Basically help with networking and firewall bit).

So my basic idea is if I install proxmox on my server, can I access the web interface remotely using maybe RDP and deploy VMs. Initialize control and worker nodes for kuberntes, automatically assign static IPs and all other necessary functionalities like in GCP.

Please consider me as a beginner.
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I cant find a specific question? Yes you can install Proxmox on a hardware, give the webinterface a public ip and also have a vmbridge, to which others vm can also get public ips assigned staticly if you have enough public ipv4/ipv6. You can access Proxmox by https://ip:8006 no matter where the server is located, as long as you can reach the system on IP and Port 8006.

I have no experience in Kubernetes or GCP, but using only one server is at least a problem regarding high availabilty and for kubernetes you usually need a Persistent Storage, which should also be shared, how you wanto archieve that?
Thanks for the reply, let's leave the kubernetes for now. Can you please provide a resource like document guide or something to install proxmox on the server and assigning a public ip to it. Since it is located in a different location I will have to ask someone to install it for me. And can you elaborate on the networking bit? I have no experience in it.


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