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    I have several servers (nods), and would like to connect them under single management. It'll be very poor man setup and the single management should be only for migrating VMs at will (very rare case).

    Right now, these nodes are set up independent and each hosts very specific VMs on it (very few VM on each node). Right now, it I need to migrate VMs to different node(s), I do VM backup, ther rsync the backup file to next node, and the restore. As I've mentioned, this is rare case, like planed hardware maintenance on node, so not that much troubles in it.

    But if I have these servers under single management console it'll be a bit easy to migrate the VM, isn't it? There'll be no shared storage, and the offline migration is perfectly ok. All nodes are connected to the same LAN so VM IPs will stay the same, no problem too. I don't need HA, I just need migration and (as it will come as well) configuration backup over cluster nodes.

    So the question is: if the cluster approach as it used by Proxmox is something that fit my needs? If I simple create several nodes with same names of storage and no shared storage will the cluster works for me as intended? If not, then are there any way I can use to simplify my rare migrations of VMs?

    By the way, I can see PVE 4.x docs all over the wiki and internet, but can't see any for 5.x. Any differences between 4.x and 5.x cluster approach that I should be aware of if I go to run a test setup?
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