Cloud-init userdata support?


Nov 7, 2017

I notice cloud-init supports passwords and ssh keys with Linux guests, but no userdata.
When will userdata become available?

There's a patch on the devel list currently that enables the use of custom userdata, networkdata and metadata files instead of the generated ones.
Are you able to find it and do you know if it will make it in the stable product?
The list archives do not have search functionality...
One of the newest mails. We'll have to see if it gets merged or not.
Yes, you can specify your own userdata, networkdata and metadata files to use instead of the generated ones.
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@mira Hi, I see that this patch is already available in 5.4 version. I see that for qm create there is
--cicustom [meta=<volume>] [,network=<volume>] [,user=<volume>]
cloud-init: Specify custom files to replace the automatically generated ones at start.

But is there a way to specify it from GUI? or a way to pass some additonal user data apart from a GUI? I usually clone fresh vm and specify, ips and other things in GUI, but I would like to pass puppet configuration to this new VM - puppetserver name, CA cert. Is there a way to do it "nice and easy" without using CLI ?
No, there's no way to do that via GUI. What you will be able to do in 6.0 is dump the autogenerated config, add your certs and everything and set the custom file in a hookscript (pre-start). This way you can use the config that's generated from the information set via the GUI as a base.
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When it is ready, but as it is based on Debian Buster it will be after Buster is released.
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