[SOLVED] Ceph create OSD never completes


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Oct 8, 2019

I tried to bring up a test platform for PVE and Ceph today. It's a 4 node cluster with nvme drives for data storage. All was fine until I tried to create the OSDs. Via the web UI I picked the first data drive on a couple of the cluster nodes and selected them as OSDs. 8 hours later and the tasks are still running. On another node I tried using
ceph-volume to create 4 OSDs on a drive and that's also still running. I create a filesystem on another drive, mounted it, and ran a dd to it in case the OS was having problems talking to the hardware. That was all good with very fast throughput.

I've looked through the logs and can't see anything that looks like a problem. In the OSD log file on the first node the only entries are :

2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 1 bluestore(/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-0/) umount
2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 4 rocksdb: [db/db_impl.cc:390] Shutdown: canceling all background work
2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 4 rocksdb: [db/db_impl.cc:563] Shutdown complete
2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 1 bluefs umount
2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 1 fbmap_alloc 0x560145214800 shutdown
2019-10-13 13:25:59.373 7f18135de000 1 bdev(0x560145f7ce00 /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-0//block) close
2019-10-13 13:25:59.661 7f18135de000 1 fbmap_alloc 0x560145214300 shutdown
2019-10-13 13:25:59.661 7f18135de000 1 freelist shutdown
2019-10-13 13:25:59.661 7f18135de000 1 bdev(0x560145f7c700 /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-0//block) close
2019-10-13 13:25:59.905 7f18135de000 0 created object store /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-0/ for osd.0 fsid f9441e6e-4288-47df-b174-8a432726870c

That job is still running and it's now 21:12:00 so something clearly isn't right. On that box I'm seeing :

root@ed-hv1:/var/log/ceph# ceph-volume lvm list

====== osd.0 =======

[block] /dev/ceph-9a059803-9647-4b23-9c27-d5bcc45b852a/osd-block-6dc00288-c9e6-4b15-8139-21d81c115be4

block device /dev/ceph-9a059803-9647-4b23-9c27-d5bcc45b852a/osd-block-6dc00288-c9e6-4b15-8139-21d81c115be4
block uuid PXYumK-fJ8b-oU7X-qsju-4sVQ-llMz-wyMWDI
cephx lockbox secret
cluster fsid f9441e6e-4288-47df-b174-8a432726870c
cluster name ceph
crush device class None
encrypted 0
osd fsid 6dc00288-c9e6-4b15-8139-21d81c115be4
osd id 0
type block
vdo 0
devices /dev/nvme2n1

root@ed-hv1:/var/log/ceph# lvs | grep osd

osd-block-6dc00288-c9e6-4b15-8139-21d81c115be4 ceph-9a059803-9647-4b23-9c27-d5bcc45b852a -wi-a----- <1.82t

root@ed-hv1:/var/log/ceph# ceph osd df
0 0 0 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 1.00 0 down
1 0 0 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 1.00 0 down
2 0 0 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 1.00 0 down
TOTAL 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0 B 0

This is my first day with PVE and Ceph so I'm not sure where else to look. Any pointers would be appreciated.



Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 9.16.53 pm.png
This is resolved. I went looking for anything at a system level that could block IO (rather than it being a ceph problem). We had created and then deleted an NFS storage target for backups. The storage isn't visible in the UI but it was still mounted on all the PVE cluster nodes for some reason. The NFS export doesn't exist anymore so the nodes must have been blocking on it. A quick reboot of all the nodes resolved that.

I can now create OSDs without any issues. Sorry for the noise.



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