Can not boot! Failed to start AppArmor initialization


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Feb 10, 2018
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I use The last Proxmox.

Please always specify the version number, best by providing the output of:

> pveversion -v
Most commonly this is caused by a wrong/missing entry in `/etc/hosts`.
* check the status of pve-cluster.service and corosync.service (corosync.service should only run if you have a cluster)
* verify that the output of uname -n resolves to the ip which you want to access the GUI at.

If this doesn't work, please post the anonymized output of:
* `uname -n`
* `hostname -f`
* `hostname`
* `cat /etc/hosts`
I forgot to write yet.
I attached next SSD for backups (/dev/sdc)
fdisk /dev/sdc
I creatd new partition and formated it (ext4)
Then I make mount in /backup/images
mount /dev/sdc1 /backup/images
also /etc/fstab
nano /etc/fstab
UUID=337874af-321c-436c-ac41-ae47a7ce67f6       /backup/images  ext4    rw/auto 0       2
Then it stopped working.
Now I've deleted the line in /etc/fstab and everything works
That's "normal/expected" behavior - If a disk/partition which should be mounted is not present during boot the system leaves you in a rescue shell (at least with systemd) - there you can hit 'Ctrl-D' to continue the boot (but you don't have network at that time - so you need to access the console)
I do not know why this is not working
UUID=337874af-321c-436c-ac41-ae47a7ce67f6       /backup/images  ext4    rw/auto 0       2
this also does not work
/dev/sdc1       /backup/images  ext4    rw/auto 0       2
but this works
/dev/sdc1    /backup/images    ext4    rw    0    0
one data point that was weird for me, I hotplugged and configured a local HDD as well as an ISCSI volume. hdd was listed as sdc, upon reboot I had the same problem, upon reboot my drive changed to sdb. After changing this in fstab, booted fine. dmesg showed my samsung ssd now had the sdb instead of sdc. Just a datapoint.
@aghadjip - the /dev/sdb, /dev/sda, ... are not stable - use the links under /dev/disk/by-id/ for stable mountpoints
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