Can I create two pve-zsync tasks?


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May 2, 2010
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I want to take snapshos of zfs weekly and daily. So can I create two cron task like:
/usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source --dest D3 --name 101DAILY --maxsnap 10 --method ssh


/usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source --dest D3 --name 101WEEK --maxsnap 10 --method ssh
yes you can. But as far as I can see you have to manually edit the intervals afterwards. The relevant file is '/etc/cron.d/pve-zsync' and here you can learn about the time format 'cron' uses.
I think it is not with crons because one job which is daily will eares weekly one. So I meant to create two seperate sync jobs. But this time I will also (I think) need to create two dataset for each jobs.?
They won't erase each other. Each snapshot contains the name of the pve-zsync job. You can't create multiple jobs with the same source, destination and name.

I think you could create 2 diferent tasks with pve-zsync for the same surce but using different destinations on the same destination host but using 2 different datasets.

Good luck!
I tested it and there is indeed a problem. When checking if older snapshots exist, pve-zsync ignores those which do not match the job name. So after
# pve-zsync create --source --dest myzpool/backup --name test1 --maxsnap 2 --method ssh --source-user root --dest-user root

# pve-zsync create --source --dest myzpool/backup --name test2 --maxsnap 2 --method ssh --source-user root --dest-user root
it will fail because it is trying to do a full sync:
ERROR Message:
        ssh -o 'BatchMode=yes' root@ -- zfs send -- myzpool/vm-105-disk-0@rep_test2_2019-09-19_09:50:03 | zfs recv -F -- myzpool/backup/vm-105-disk-0
        cannot receive new filesystem stream: destination has snapshots (eg. myzpool/backup/vm-105-disk-0@rep_test1_2019-09-19_09:49:22)
must destroy them to overwrite it

The workaround @guletz mentioned is one way to do it and the cleanest way considering what pve-zsync is currently able to handle.

Another thing that might work would be manually adding a snapshot @rep_101WEEK_<TIME> on the receive side. Haven't tested it though.

WARNING!!: this third way is very likely to produce some other conflict in pve-zsync, so use it at your own risk: making two cron jobs with the same '--name' but different schedules.
I was able to create two task so :

root@backup:~# /usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source --dest D3 --name 101DAILY --maxsnap 10 --method ssh
root@backup:~# /usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source --dest D4 --name 101WEEKLY --maxsnap 10 --method ssh

Then I was able to see:
root@backup:~# zfs list -t snapshot -o name | grep vm-101

Thank you.

As a side note, I is highly recomended if you want to use any kind of backup, that the backup MUST be initiated by the buckup system and NOT by the source(security reson only - think that if your source is hacked, and the intouder can delete ALL your cron tasks, and the remote backups) !!!!!
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I am taking backup from a different datacenter / country. And initiate from remote backup server only. But good point to remind.

... maybe also a time base firewall(open firewall 5 min before your task must be start for new ssh connection + statefull fw) for this task could be nice to have ;)
Better than that, I am only allowing traffic only between nodes and from my pc. And my pc has dynamic ip so I update it with following bash to update ip in rules in case of ip change:

# crontab -e : */5 * * * * sh /
# /etc/init.d/cron restart

Current_IP=$(host $HOSTNAME | cut -f4 -d' ')

if [ $CURRENTIP = "" ] ; then
    sed -i '/# Dynu/c\IN ACCEPT -source '"$Current_IP"' # Dynu ' /etc/pve/nodes/$NODENAME/host.fw
  echo $Current_IP > $CURRENTIP

  Old_IP=$(cat $CURRENTIP)

  if [ "$Current_IP" = "$Old_IP" ] ; then
    echo IP address has not changed
    sed -i '/# Dynu/c\IN ACCEPT -source '"$Current_IP"' # Dynu ' /etc/pve/nodes/$NODENAME/host.fw
    echo $Current_IP > $CURRENTIP
    echo iptables have been updated
    pve-firewall stop && pve-firewall start
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