cambio ip da consolle


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Nov 21, 2019
Proxmox su un server hp. inizialmente ho impostato un indirizzo ip tale da poterlo raggiungere dalla mia rete.
ora il server è stato spostato in un datacenter dove riesco ad accedere solo mezzo vpn. l'indirizzo che mi viene rilasciato dalla VPN non è della stessa classe di indirizzi con cui si raggiunge il server. attualmente riesco a raggiungerlo tramite console ILO, compreso ho disponibile solo comandi da console; purtroppo sono a zero di linux; vorrei cambiare l'indirizzo di proxmox usare comandi da console. potete gentilmente aiutarmi suggerendomi da lanciare per cambiare scelto da console?
grazie mille roberto
Ciao, we currently only support English and German as forum languages, I'm afraid.

To change the IP you can edit the /etc/network/interfaces and the /etc/hosts file.
(a cambiare l'indirizzo di Proxmox VE devi editare i files /etc/network/interfaces e /etc/hosts)

You can open them with an commandline editor like nano, it desribes most useful available commands in the bottom line (the symbol ^ means CTRL, so CTRL + X is save) :
nano /etc/network/interfaces

Here scroll down to the vmbr0 section and change the address, netmask and gateway to the new values.
(apri il primo file con nano, cerci vmbr0 e cambia l'indirizzo, salva con CTRL + X)

Then you also need to adapt the address for the local nodename (hostname) in /etc/hosts to match the new address.
(cambia anche l'indirizzo in /etc/hosts con nano)

Then you should be able to do:
ifdown vmbr0
ifup vmbr0
(esegui i comandi disopra per attivare il cambiamento)

check with
ip -c addr
if the IP is configured.
Post any output or change you would made if you're unsure, and we can check it out.

Hope this helps :)
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hello i have a similar problem now.
i have installed proxmon on a pc, and during the installation i have chosen a dhcp address.
at the server logon is showed that for connecting to proxmon i have to use: where the ip came from the dhcp server, rightly.
now i have changed the ip, because i want to have a static ip.
i have done it in two different ways:
first from proxmox web interface,
after directly from the console editing by nano, the file nano /etc/network/interfaces.
the new static ip is and i can reach the console by this url rightly, but the console monitor shows the old ip for connecting to the console, and obviously doesn't it doesn't work


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