[SOLVED] Bookworm cloud image fails to find network adpater?


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Dec 13, 2021
Hi I'm trying to use Proxmox with the debian bookworm cloud image and cloud-init.

But when I start the vm it gets stuck on boot when it checks that it has a network connection Job systemd-networkd-wait-online.service/start running (#s / no limit) for about 2 minutes.

It seems Debian bookworm is having issues using the network adapter from Proxmox?

After about 2 minutes it just gives up and boots into the OS but the network does not work?

Example running
sudo apt update

Fails with Failed to fetch mirror+file:...

The vm is created using the following commands:

echo "Creating vm"
qm create "$VMID" --name "bookworm-test" --memory 10240 --sockets 1 --core 4 --net0 virtio="46:4A:5E:3C:8A:49",bridge=vmbr0 --description "Debian bookworm cloud image" --agent enabled=1 --onboot 1 --ostype l26

echo "Adding cloud-init device"
qm set "$VMID" --ide2 "$STORAGE:cloudinit"

echo "Add vga serial"
qm set "$VMID" --serial0 socket --vga serial0

echo "Importing OS disk"
qm importdisk "$VMID" "/tmp/$IMAGE" "$STORAGE"

echo "Adding OS disk to vm"
qm set "$VMID" --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --scsi0 "$STORAGE:vm-$VMID-disk-0,backup=0"

echo "Resizing OS disk"
qm resize "$VMID" scsi0 +5G

echo "Set cloud init config"
qm set "$VMID" --cicustom "user=snippets:snippets/$VMID-$SNIPPETNAME"

echo "Set boot disk"
qm set "$VMID" --boot c --bootdisk scsi0

And the cloud init file contains the following:

hostname: bookworm-test
manage_etc_hosts: true
timezone: Europe/Stockholm

  install-server: true
  disable_root: true
  ssh_quiet_keygen: true
  allow_public_ssh_keys: true

  - name: peter
    gecos: Peter Andersson
    groups: users, docker, sudo, adm
    lock_passwd: false
    passwd: ....
    shell: /bin/bash
      - ssh-ed25519 ... some@domain.org
      - ssh-ed25519 ... JuiceSSH

If I run
ip link show
it only displays the loopback(lo) and broadcast/multicast(ens18) device

If I run sudo lspci it displays the 00:12.0 Ethernet controller: Red Hat, Inc. Virtio network device device, I'm at a loss what is wrong? (The same setup works correctly on Debian Bullseye.

Is the VirtIO (paravirtualized) no longer supported?

I'm somewhat at a loss here as most debugging steps I find online require me to install more packages and that's more or less impossible without a network connection.
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Looks like bookworm reads the network settings from the cloud-init while bullseye didn't.

Running `qm set "$VMID" --ipconfig0 ip=dhcp` fixed the issue!


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