best sw configuration for my hardware with HA

Discussion in 'Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration' started by krpi, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Apr 11, 2012
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    I have 3 servers.
    2 are identical:
    ibm x3690 x5, 2x300GB 10k sas, raid card, redundant power, 8GB ram, 6 core with HT
    1 is dell 1950, 2x quad-core xeon L5320 1.86GHz, 2x 146GB 15k SAS, raid card, redundant power, 4GB ram

    I'm new in proxmox and i want it use in production environment and HA. (for beginning less important server, later more and more).

    I think that the biggest problem for me with HA is shared storage. DRBD on single volume raid (2 disks in server, raid 1) is not recommanded. What do you recommanded to me if I want HA and have no money for upgrade?

    What about Microsoft licence in HA? For example Windows 2008 R2 standard running in HA need one license for running online system, and other one for failover hardware? HA With 3 server = 3 Windows R2 Standard licenses = 1 online Windows server with 2 backups?

    (sorry, that my english is not perfect)
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    I see only one possibility: Use DRBD between the two ibm (with 2 drbd-volumes, one for each server) and use the third node for quorum an non-ha-vms.
    To create the drbd-disks, you can define with the raidcontroller an small volume for the pve-system and one (with two partitions) or two for drbd. If your raid-controller don't support several raid-volumes, you can create also handmade such an partition-layout (first install pve on an other disk, and then transfer all data/partitions to the raid-disks).

    In this case the HA-VMs can use two hosts and you need also 2 licenses of win2008 for each win-server...

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