attempting to save data from dead server


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Sep 21, 2023
Hello and good day, here's my problem.. had proxmox install on nvme disk (dead disk) and vm's on another HDD, and im trying to save those vm's or the data inside of them.

usinf "zpool import -f Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD" manage to list the zfs

root@soporte:~# zfs list NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD 682G 218G 96K /Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/vm-100-disk-0 219G 415G 20.5G - Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/vm-100-disk-1 103G 321G 248M - Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/vm-100-state-PRODUCCION 17.0G 231G 3.72G - Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/vm-999-disk-0 33.0G 249G 1.50G - Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/vm-999-disk-1 309G 399G 128G -

is there any way to mount any of this or to extraxt the data from them ? wellcome to any and all sugestions :D

Thank you all, and sorry for the english, not my native language
the disks should be visible as block devices (/dev/zdX, but also with a more "readable" link under /dev/zvol/Maquinas_Virtuales_HDD/...). you can save them as raw images with any tool that allows block-wise copying, such as dd or qemu-img convert.
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Thank you for the reply, im going to look into that and see were it leads..

just to wonder if posible.. creating a new VM, same config as the one that was running and use this VM Disk's to try boot from them ? posible, imposible, just stop dreaming and move on.. ? Thx again
Of course, you can create proper virtual machines from these disks. Treat them as disks salvaged from a damaged computer. The machine's configuration itself was in /etc/pve... so that's what you lost, but the disks are still functional.
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the config is also in each backup - so if you have those, you should be able to recover the config from there (you will need to recreate the network and storage config of the host itself, and bridges and storages should have the same names as before for this to work ;))
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