API issue w/ 'proxmox' ansible module.


Mar 29, 2016
Hello, big proxmox fan and ansible user here. I am trying to create new LXC containers in proxmox using ansible. I believe this is same issue as: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/25113

I'd like to help fix it and maybe do a pull request for the ansible module.

I can't say with 100% certainty, but I think its perhaps calling the API wrong. Here is what I get in my pve-proxy/access.log (note 500 error in last line) - - [29/Aug/2017:20:47:13 -0700] "POST /api2/json/access/ticket HTTP/1.1" 200 643 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/version HTTP/1.1" 200 80 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/cluster/nextid HTTP/1.1" 200 14 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/cluster/resources?type=vm HTTP/1.1" 200 347 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/cluster/resources?type=vm HTTP/1.1" 200 334 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/nodes HTTP/1.1" 200 193 - root@pam [29/Aug/2017:20:47:14 -0700] "GET /api2/json/nodes/z3/storage/debian-8.0-standard_8.7-1_amd64.tar.gz/content HTTP/1.1" 500 13

This debian tarball LXC template is located on my /var/lib/vz/template/cache/ directory, /var/lib/vz is mounted as 'local' in proxmox. At first I thought maybe the API is not finding it in that path, so I tried moving other places but then I got another error indicating the template doesnt exist, so I don't think that is the problem.

Any help appreciated thanks!
I found the issue or a workaround. I was trying to have the LXC target storgage be 'local' (default) but I did not have Container type allowed. So I just changed it to my other storage local-lvm.

Ansible, and the pveproxy/access.log only showed 500 error, but querying the API with curl gave me the actual error message.

{"errors":{"storage":"storage 'local' does not support container directories"},"data":null}

So I have a playbook which works now, still need to add more stuff like for networking etc..

- hosts: lxctest
gather_facts: no
become: no
- name: create container
node: z3
api_user: root@pam
api_password: '******!'
api_host: proxmox.*****.com
password: 123456
hostname: lxc.****.com
ostemplate: 'local:vztmpl/debian-8.0-standard_8.7-1_amd64.tar.gz'
pubkey: '****'
onboot: yes
storage: local-lvm
delegate_to: localhost
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we are not involved in the development of the ansible proxmox module, did you report the issue in their bug tracker ?


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